Pro Golfers Are No Longer “Crazy” for Lifting Weights

I've lifted weights since I was eighteen years old. People in golf constantly told me, "Lifting weights is terrible for golf." Lots of pros told me that, too. Some said I was "crazy." When I was on the regular PGA Tour for eighteen years, I pumped iron when I could. I thought it helped me have a more compact golf swing and maybe gain a few yards off the tee. But I was afraid weight lifting might hurt my feel, my touch with the short game. So, I didn't lift weights for upper body strength much … [Read more...]

Trump Trumpets Himself

Donald Trump will deliver a speech in my hometown area today, in Phoenix, Arizona, in two hours. Three weeks ago, the brash, bombastic, billionaire entered the race for the Republican nomination for president of the USA. He will speak about "illegal immigration and other topics." The other topics will probably include braggadocio about his net worth being $9 billion, how he will restore jobs to our country if elected president and regain our supposedly lost reputation worldwide by applying his … [Read more...]

Did Mark Get his Gospel from Peter?

I doubt the tradition that John Mark got the information for his Gospel of Mark in the New Testament (NT) from listening to the Apostle Peter. Several church fathers attest to this in their writings, but they all may have gotten it from Clement. If so, it could be regarded as flimsy evidence.I doubt this because most people who state this tradition do not examine the Gospel of Mark itself to see if it could corroborate or perhaps oppose this patristic tradition that Mark got his gospel from … [Read more...]

North Sinai Turmoil and Future Palestine

Current events in the Middle East increasingly support what I proposed for a Palestinian state 25 years ago in my book, Palestine Is Coming: The Revival of Ancient Philistia (1990). (Actually, I wrote a magazine article about it in 1981, but I could not get it published.) Recent evidence supporting my proposal has been the continuing turmoil in the northern Sinai Peninsula between the Gaza Strip and the Wadi el Arish basin 25 miles to the south.An Islamic terrorist group called Sinai … [Read more...]

Legalizing Same-Sex Marriage Is Evidence of The Apostasy

Last Thursday the U.S. Supreme Court redefined marriage. Previously, marriage had always been restricted to a male and a female human being. But the nine justices ruled in a split decision, 5 to 4, that from now on in all fifty states same-sex couples can legally marry and will have the same equal rights as do hetero-sexual marriages. For me, this is the worst decision the U.S. Supreme Court has made in my lifetime.Granted, we Americans and much of the world have been changing in recent … [Read more...]

Jason Day’s Vertigo Last Week

Jason Day is a much-liked, dark-haired, handsome, fit PGA Tour player from Australia with a super golf swing. He has been knocking at the door repeatedly to win his first major championship. In the third round of the U.S. Open last Saturday, he was walking on a fairway and all of a sudden he fell over, hit the ground, and his head bounced on the turf. At first he lay there rather motionless and people didn’t know what was wrong.Jason was having an instant bout of Benign Positional Vertigo ( … [Read more...]

Jordan Spieth Wins the 2015 U.S. Open

Jordan Spieth is the new kid on the block on the PGA Tour. This 21-year old Texan is now headed for superstardom by winning the Masters in April and the U.S. Open yesterday. Those are the first two of the four major championships in the world of professional golf. Only six pros have ever won the first two majors of the years Plus, Spieith is the youngest to win the first two since Gene Sarazen, called The Squire, did so in 1922 at age 20 by winning the U.S. Open and the PGA Championship.This … [Read more...]

Will Ancient Philistia Be Revived?

My book, Palestine Is Coming, was published in 1990. Since then, events have continually transpired that make my subtitle for this book look like it might happen--The Revival of Ancient Philistia. When the book was being written, in 1988-89, it was illegal for a U.S. politician or government diplomat to even speak to member of the political organization that had represented the Palestinian people for decades, the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), even though the UN had officially … [Read more...]