Beck Dorey-Stein resigned recently from her stenographer post in the White House of recording what the president says. She held this job during the Obama administration and so far in the Trump administration. She said the president has reduced the job, now preventing stenographers from being present in the room wherein he holds some meetings for interview that sometimes include journalists. She also said the reason she resigned was that she had always been proud of doing her job and… Read more

I know, the U.S. Constitution has a specific definition of what treason is, that it can only be done during war. However, our forefathers who wrote that Constitution could not have foreseen the technology of our times, that there are electronics and an internet that makes possible what is now called “cyber warfare.” In this light, U.S. President Donald Trump is constantly and increasingly doing and saying things that make him look like a traitor. Our national intelligence agencies have… Read more

Before answering this question, we need to decide if the New Testament gospel accounts about Jesus doing miracles are historically trustworthy. That, of course, is a different issue from whether or not Jesus actually performed such miracles. Historians who are authorities in judging the reliability of purported historical events in ancient documents devise a criterion for so judging. Historical-critical scholars of the New Testament gospels adopt this procedure. Their most prominent criterion is called “multiple attestation.” This means that the… Read more

In February, U.S. Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein–who is overseeing special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation under the auspices of the Justice Department into possible Russian government meddling in our 2016 presidential election–announced a federal indictment of 13 Russians and three Russian companies in interfering in that election. There is no extradition of alleged criminals agreement between the U.S. and Russia since Russia is still the premiere enemy nation of the U.S. even after the decades-long Cold War ended in about… Read more

Vijay Singh–a three-time major champion and three-time money leader on the regular PGA Tour–bested Jeff Maggert, a steady player but often-a-bridesmaid (3 wins and 17 seconds on regular Tour but two major wins on the Champions Tour) on the second hole of a sudden death playoff to win the Constellation Senior Players Championship just minutes ago. It was the first major win on the Champions Tour for the World Golf Hall of Famer. Both players shot 20-under par for 72… Read more

I’ve been an NBA fan just about all of my adult life. The Golden State Warriors have won the NBA Championship the last three out of four years. Now, they just signed DeMarcus Cousins. He is recovering from the worst injury you can have in basketball–an Achilles tendon tear. But if the Warriors start him, that gives them five starting players who are All-Stars. Has that ever happened before? It will make the Warriors even more dominant. This is looking… Read more

In my REM sleep, I’ve had so many dreams about golf. I still do even though I’ve been retired from the PGA Tour/Senior-Champions Tour since 2005. Sometimes, these dreams are humorous. Oftentimes, they involve me being frustrated. The golf dream that I have more than any other is failure to make my tee time in a tournament. Yet, throughout all of my amateur and pro golf careers, I never failed to make my tee time. So, why this dream so… Read more

President Donald Trump gave a speech last night at a political rally in Montana in which he criticized Senator Elizabeth Warren, again, about her claim to have American Indian ancestry. Trump challenged her to take a DNA test to prove it. Warren should tell Trump she’ll do it if he makes public his income tax returns of the past several years. Trump again went off about Hilary Clinton and her email server. Republicans are always telling Democrats to “get over… Read more

“Building walls . . . is not Christian.” But the Catholic Church built giants walls around the Vatican in the 800s to keep out invading barbarians.     Read more

“Mr. President, do you ever cheat at golf?” “Well, if my fellow competitors treat me very badly . . . ” Read more

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