Dustin Johnson Wins Three-in-a-Row

Just minutes ago, Dustin Johnson--PGA Tour star and #1 golfer in the world--won the World Golf Championship-Dell Technologies Match Play at Austin, Texas, on the Austin Country Club golf course. In the afternoon finals match, Dustin defeated 22-year-old sensational Spaniard Jon Rahm one up on the last, eighteenth hole. It gave the long-hitting Johnson three PGA Tour victories in a row, two of them being coveted WGC events.It was the dream match between these two outstanding players that golf … [Read more...]

Did Jesus’ Authority to Forgive Sins Indicate He Was God?

The following is an excerpt from my book, The Restitution of Jesus Christ (2008):During antiquity, both rabbinical theologians and Greek theistic philosophers taught that God possesses certain prerogatives that belong only to Him. Rabbis insisted that one of those prerogatives is the forgiveness of sins, and Christian traditionalists later accepted this axiom. They therefore asserted that since Jesus claimed the authority to forgive sins, and only God can forgive sins, this indicates that … [Read more...]

Which Came First: Paul’s Letters or the Synoptic Gospels?

All New Testament (NT) scholars agree that the Apostle Paul's undisputed letters therein were written before the synoptic gospels (Matthew, Mark, and Luke) were written. I certainly don't disagree with this, especially since I have no expertise on it. But what really came first, meaning the content of these documents? If the content of the synoptic gospels is based largely on oral tradition, as I think it is--so that those authors were not original in what they wrote but merely reported oral … [Read more...]

Saint Luke Did Not Believe Jesus Was God

In recent decades, New Testament scholars have given Saint Luke his due honor. As the author of the Gospel of Luke and the book of Acts, Luke authored even more of the New Testament than did the Apostle Paul, thus more than any other NT author. These two ministered together multiple times during some of Paul's missionary journeys. A close, critical reading of all the NT material produced by these two men, Luke and Paul, reveals that they never expressly indicate or proclaim therein that Jesus … [Read more...]

Trump’s Wall Will Be a Miniature Compared to the Size of Babylon’s Wall

When Donald Trump campaigned for the U.S. presidency last year, his signature promise was to stop illegal immigration along the nearly 2,000-mile border between the U.S. and Mexico by building "a big, beautiful wall" there. Occasionally, Mr. Trump said this wall that he envisioned would be fifty feet tall or more. That is pretty tall.One time I played golf in Morocco--in the king's tournament. I and some of my family who accompanied me did group travel to the ancient city of Marrakech. It … [Read more...]

“Meet a Muslim” Events Held Last Saturday

Last Saturday, public events called "Meet a Muslim" were held in 25 states in the U.S. and Washington, D.C., to inform Americans of "the true nature of Islam." Here where I live, in metro-Phoenix, Arizona, one such informal, outdoor event was conducted in Tempe near the Arizona State University's main campus. The Arizona Republic newspaper reported the next day that one of the young Muslim men participating in the affair, 23-year old Soleman Haque, said, "I'm really hoping to break the … [Read more...]

The USGA Replied

Four hours after I posted today that the USGA had not replied to my questions about loose impediments and taking a stance properly, it did so. Here is their reply,"Loose impediments may be removed by any means, except that, in removing loose impediments on the line of putt, the player must not press anything down – see Rule 16-1a and Decision 23-1/1.  Accordingly, removing loose impediments from your area of intended stance is not considered to be building a stance."For more information r … [Read more...]

The USGA Has Not Replied

I'm still not fully convinced I was wrong about whether or not Rickie Fowler broke a rule of golf in properly taking his stance during the Honda Classic tournament three weeks ago, which he won. See my post, "Rickie Fowler Should Have Been Penalized Today" and my followup post "I Stand Corrected About 'Building a Stance' in Golf".I also said in that first post that I met Rickie Fowler, he's a really nice guy, such a crowd favorite on the PGA Tour, and he is a member of the PGA Tour Bible … [Read more...]