Separation: the Rosetta Stone of Love Languages

my tiny,
in kitchen,
and sacred writing nook
I gaze upon art
intentionally placed
to remind me
how she did try to love me,
in her native language,
so alien to my own –
articulation through the material
giving that which she recognized as meaningful to me

but that I must now acknowledge
was never enough to erase
the tangled tattoos on my heart
or dissolve
the seeping scars on my soul.





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  • Julie Rodgers

    Hey Kimberly! I know we’ve never met or spoken before, but you’ve been on my mind a lot since I read your post about separating. My heart ached for you, and I’ve been praying for you to experience some sort of intangible peace in this difficult season–a sense of the presence of God that allows you to know you’re not alone. Thank you for sharing so vulnerably about your life and process.