Notre Dame’s #1 Most Beautiful Cathedral & Other Worldwide Beauties

Feel like taking a little field trip today? Take ten minutes and treat yourself to this article on the 30 Most Beautiful College Cathedrals. I’ll admit a slight bias, since my alma mater‘s Basilica of the Sacred Heart comes in at number one. For an even better sneak peek, take the Basilica’s Virtual Tour.

This place holds special meaning for me. Although I most attended mass in the Basilica’s crypt as a student, I was married in this amazing edifice. If I had my act together, I’d share one of our wedding photos. But I don’t, so we’ll save that for some future date. As a “grown up”, it’s impossible for me to enter this church without “happy tears” streaming down my face. It is a place of tremendous physical beauty, but more importantly a place of great sanctity. I hope you will some day have the opportunity to worship in the Basilica.

Having admitted my bias, I now invite you to name your “most beautiful college cathedral” — do you second my recommendation, or is there another lovely campus worship spot that’s close to your heart?

Check out the 30 Most Beautiful College Cathedrals

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