Cardinal Pell Says No American Pope

Just in from Catholic News Service, this video capturing Cardinal George Pell of Australia sharing his input on why our next Pope won’t be from the United States:

Watch the video carefully for an overview of the American options – beginning with Cardinal George, who Cardinal Pell affirms would have been a “splendid Pope”. The problem for our US Cardinals per Cardinal Pell? As a superpower, we’re not “universally popular”.

What’s your take on Cardinal Pell speaking with such openness prior to the conclave?

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  • Jodell

    I have read that from statements made by a couple of Cardinals however, I hope they are remaining open to whoever the Holy Spirit chooses.

  • JohnR

    I would like Cardinal Pell himself as Pope

  • midwestlady

    I’m glad to hear someone say it where it can be heard. I don’t want an American pope either. We simply could not handle it. It would be awful.

  • James Kohn

    Fingers crossed for Cardinal Burke