Patheos Catholic Channel Welcomes Dr. Gregory Popcak

Patheos Catholic Channel Welcomes Dr. Gregory Popcak February 19, 2013

Most days, the quiet running conversation in my head that flips between prayer, html code, and snarky banter I’d never say out loud feels well under control. Every once in a while, I slip into one of those manic days where I simply need to walk away, take to the adoration channel and tune out for a bit. I’ve never considered the prospect of seeking counseling to still the voices in my head — admitting this here is likely the closest I’ve come to “outing” myself as one who could definitely use at the very least some solid spiritual direction.

Dr. Gregory Popcak

Interestingly though, I feel like I’ve received a good dose of Catholic counseling over the years via the various resources of Dr. Gregory Popcak and his wife Lisa Popcak. Dr. Greg, a Catholic psychotherapist and a trusted expert on the Theology of the Body has served countless souls like me over the past several years via his radio and Internet apostolates. For one very short stint before my life got so incredibly busy, I was even fortunate enough to have a short segment on his program and this “Popcak fan girl” has also been lucky enough to meet Dr. Greg and Lisa in person.

So count me thrilled at today’s news that Dr. Gregory Popcak will now be blogging here at the Patheos Catholic Channel! His new blog Faith on the Couch should be on your daily “must read” list! Dr. Greg’s work is insightful, spirit filled, and — dare I say it — fun to read. I know it will be a tremendous blessing to you, and I thank Dr. Greg for all he’s taught me over the years and will continue to share with us in this new venue.

And feel free to chime in below in the comments section if you feel I need more “real” therapy for those voices…

"Only good things are to come!! Saying yes is the best. See you around, friend."

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