Um, Wow: Cardinal Mahony Responds

Read it for yourself at his blog.

Comment/vent here if you wish.

As for me, my stomach still isn’t settled and my head is still spinning.

Time to get on my knees and start praying…

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  • Bryan

    If anyone disbelieves that legalism and impenetrable bureaucracy is not merely some humorous fact of life or some minor affront to convenience and common sense that we should all just quietly accept, and that bureaucracy is quite often the preferred means–not just as an instrument, but as the PRIMARY instrument–for people to commit and cover-up the worst kinds of human evil, then they should print that letter out and staple it to their wall.

    That letter reveals the mind of a man who simply allowed political maneuvering and legalism to supplant a basic, functioning human conscience, let alone one worthy of High Clergy.

    Absolutely tragic.

  • Linda

    The sex scandals that plague our Church are terrible. It’s horrible such crimes have taken place, but it’s so important to pray for all our priests. The majority of our priests are holy men that dedicate their lives to God. The media loves to portray differently. The actions of few, shouldn’t overshadow the good of so many.

    What I don’t understand with all the abuse, is why it’s never taken to the authorities by the victims? Or do we just not hear about this happening, or does that too get covered up somehow?

    Sad situation for all involved.

  • Oregon Catholic

    Oh yah, he’s real sorry.

    I quote “Not once over these past years did you (Gomez) ever raise any questions about our policies, practices, or procedures in dealing with the problem of clergy sexual misconduct involving minors.”

    He’s basically saying, “Gomez you threw me under the bus and I intend to drag you along with me by pointing out you have known about this stuff for years and went along with it”. I have to say I pretty much agree with him that Gomez is trying to shake the dirt off of himself. But Gomez ‘ain’t foolin me either. This in-fighting could get very nasty. Maybe Mahoney will get a little church in Rome to shut him up?

    I hope he keeps blogging from his la,la land. I think he is so confirmed in his lies and denial he can’t even see that he’s making it worse for himself. Then again, he may unwittingly (or wittingly?) make public the details for the purge we so deperately need.

  • Oregon Catholic

    I’m convinced Mahoney has just drawn a battle line and said that if he’s going down, he’s not going down alone. I wonder how long until he’s silenced.

  • Ann

    Should have happened decades ago! Glad he’s out! There was a priest in Ohio on the news not too long ago who made advances to a minor (boy) who was his altar server. The priest had told this boy what they use to do in seminary. Hate to say it folks, but its out there…Homosexuals have been implanted in our seminaries and diocese for decades..its just horrible..If the bishops were to remove them all it would probably be at least one third of the clergy. No more hiding, no more protecting, no more moving these guys around. I truly believe many entered seminary for all the wrong reasons and we as Catholics should not tolerate this! Its past time we Speak up and hold our bishops responsible and Call out any abuses we see from ANY priest, ..just think of all the abuses that take place in the mass alone!