Fr. Lombardi’s Afternoon Press Briefing

From the Vatican Youtube account, a look at today’s press briefing with Fr. Lombardi, S.J., the head of the Vatican Press Office. I don’t know if it’s my imagination, or if I’m actually starting to understand a bit of Italian.

We hear in the video that 33 Cardinals have given interventions, and some discussion of the motu proprio and the waiting period for the Conclave to begin. Also read during this briefing was a message sent from the gathered Cardinals to Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI. I’ll try to hunt down the translation for that and share it soon.

I haven’t finished watching this hour-long video yet, but thought you might enjoy seeing it early.

Updated: This article has a great overview of the topics discussed in this briefing.

Are you watching the coverage of the Conclave? What are your favorite news sources?

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