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Ceili Rain

Bob Halligan Jr. may be super weird sometimes, but he’s beyond awesome in my book.

Who — you may be asking — is Bob Halligan Jr?

He’s the front man of one my favorite bands, Ceili Rain.  The lads in this band call themselves a combination of Celtic and Pop and Rock with a very strong spiritual message. If you’ve never been to a Ceili Rain concert or listened to one of their CDs, you’re missing out big time. I have all of their CDs and have heard them live three times. Ceili Rain gets better with every listening. And when I listen to Bob Halligan Jr.’s lyrics, I alternate between laughing out loud and crying big, sloppy, emotional tears.

Super Cool Hymns & Hers t-shirt – You know you want one!

I’m subscribed to Bob’s youtube channel and have been watching over the past month as he’s been sharing news about the forthcoming Ceili Rain CD, Hymns & Hers. For this project, Ceili Rain is crowdsourcing and we can be a part of making it happen. I finally headed over today and made my gift and can’t wait to sport my new t-shirt and listen to my Bob Halligan Jr. signed CD. I’m extra partial to Ceili Rain’s drummer Bill Bleistine and am hoping for his signature on this one too!

To inspire you to get involved, I thought I’d share a musical sneak peek at one of the potential songs for Hymns & Hers, ripped today from Bob’s Youtube channel. This had better be on the CD, since I fell in love with it after one listening:

Video link

If you’re having an off day, treat yourself to this song. I guarantee it will lift your heart. Hey Bob Halligan Jr., if you’re reading this, I want this song on Hymns & Hers!!

Support Ceili Rain by contributing to Hymns and Hers

"Only good things are to come!! Saying yes is the best. See you around, friend."

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  • Mary Donahue

    I think it’s great !!!
    I think it would be a great song for a renewal of vows,too.

  • Bob Halligan Jr

    Radically thrilled to be called weird, I have worked my whole career to achieve that accolade! Lisa, u r a peach for waving the banner thusly, we salute & thank you!!!!!!

    • lisahendey

      Uh oh… busted. But I meant “weird” in an awesome, mystical, jubilant kind of way! Seriously Bob I am a huge fan. And I loved the song from the instant I heard it, so it simply must be on the CD. Can’t wait to hear what else you’ve got in store!

      • Bob Halligan Jr

        I know that! Truly grateful for your stepping-out on this one, big blessings 2 u!!!!