Surviving the High School Reunion — Share Your Advice

Surviving the high school reunion

I don’t have much time to write this morning as I sit in my “Westin Hotel heavenly bed” with my little sister reading in the bed next to me. We’re having a “girls weekend”. The occasion: our high school’s band reunion. The event is a multi-class soirée, bringing together bandos, flag girls (like Erin and I) and drill team members from many class years.

We’re excited to see a few of our good friends, but I’ll admit to always being a bit nervous too when it comes to reunion. What is it about gathering with people you haven’t seen in ten or twenty years that suddenly resurfaces all of your high school insecurities?!

I made a conscious attitudinal choice this week when I didn’t get my hair done (so they grey roots will be showing), have a fresh pedicure (so I will be wearing closed toed shoes), and decided to wear a dress that’s already in my closet (and fits) as opposed to buying something new. In other words, I’m going as I am. Friends will likely look at me and think, “wow, she’s getting old“. My newly minted fifty-year-old attitude will simply agree with them and will try to have fun and not worry about how good everyone else will certainly look.

Why? Why did I make this choice to “not worry about it“? Because I’m feeling pretty great these days about where I am on the inside. I don’t say that to be braggadocios – and hopefully it doesn’t come off that way. I say it to remind myself (and yes, I’ll probably need to read this column again tonight before going) that I am me, just as God made me.

It will be very fun to return to our alma mater – our reunion starts with Mass in the campus chapel and will also feature a concert by the current band. We’ll mingle, chat, giggle and have a glass of wine or two. Erin and I are lucky, because we’ll have each other to assuage any insecurities we may be feeling. Hopefully, we’ll have a blast and leave reminded of the important role that these friends and our special school played in our lives.

A question for you: Have you been to a high school reunion? What made it fun for you? What advice would you share on enjoying the evening?

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