40 Days to End Abortion and Change Your Life

I’m late to the party sharing this item — I’ve been busy the past few days getting my youngest son off to college. More on that later, but for now I want to bring you up to speed on a few news items that have occurred this week. First off:

40 Days for Life

Many of you have heard of and participated in this amazing nationwide campaign to end abortion and to promote positive pro-life causes. Today is day three of the forty days. It’s likely that there is a campaign happening in your community. Find all of the locations here.

40 Days for Life 2013 from 40 Days for Life on Vimeo.

If you’ve never stood in front of an abortion clinic before, you might have a misconception about the goal of 40 days for life. You might think it involves vitriolic yelling or in-your-face tactics. I can tell you as someone who has quietly participated the past two years in my home town that 40 days for life is truly a blessing. In my community, we stand silently in prayer for an hour, a safe distance from the door to our clinic. The times I’ve spent in our campaign have been a true grace: silently praying the Rosary for all of those impacted by pro-life causes, but also for women and babies in general.

I hope you’ll check out the 40 Days for Life website and consider heading out to spend an hour to pray. If you’ve participated in the past, please share a comment below to encourage others to get involved. You may find that the life you change — the soul you bless — is your very own.


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