Greater Good Technology — Making a True Difference

I love all of the terrific Catholic microfunding campaigns going on — when we pool our small contributions together, the projects we help to fund have the potential to make lasting change in our world. Such is the case for Greater Good Technology, a campaign being spearheaded by our “Sweet Tweets” editor John Clem. I love the fact that this program helps to provide people with usable skills that will help them to seek gainful employment.

Here’s the summary:

This $10,000 campaign will bring this program to 4 towns/cities in 12 months. and help Training Mentors connect, support, and train 100++ homeless people so they will have basic online tools to apply for a job. 

There is a great need for the poor and disadvantaged to have equal access to the internet.  There is a great “Digital Divide” between those who have access to the internet, and those who are denied.  Greater Good Technology is planning to help fill this divide by offering cost-effective ways to bring computers and internet training to those who can’t afford this needed resource.

Greater Good Technology (GGT) is a new ministry developed by Catholic Web Services, LLC (non-profit) to help give disadvantaged people access & training in technology. We have developed a successful pilot program here in our hometown of Charlottesville, Virginia. Greater Good Technology’s program aims to help homeless people, by giving them a fair seat at the table to search for a job.

We help give each homeless person an identity: today’s society requires modern communications to be on a level field for employment. We help in finding cost-effective ways to acquire a personal cell phone, voice mail, and e-mail. Many who qualify for food assistance can get a cell phone through a FREE program, or need some financial help to get a phone.

Any size donation is welcomed here. Let’s fund this program and replicate it around the country.

"Only good things are to come!! Saying yes is the best. See you around, friend."

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