Second Collection Will Benefit Typhoon Haiyan Victims

News is out this week from the USCCB on the upcoming “Second Collection” to benefit relief efforts in the Philippines:

The U.S. bishops expressed their solidarity with the people of the Philippines after the devastating effects of Typhoon Haiyan in a letter to the president of the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines. The bishops will take up a special collection in parishes across the U.S. Proceeds from the collection will go to both immediate humanitarian needs and the cost of long-term reconstruction.

I love this special graphic created by Br. Michael O’Neill McGrath — a gift to Catholic Relief Services — which reminds us in such a compelling way of the help needed in the region:

Artwork by Br. Michael O’Neill McGrath

Finally please take a moment and watch this video from Catholic News Service which describes some of the reason this second collection is so greatly needed:

Give to CRS to aid in the Philippines

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  • Anonymous

    Hello, on behalf of the Filipino people, these are greatly appreciated in these trying times. Although we are not directly hit by this unfortunate event here in Manila, we are also feeling devastated for our fellowmen, seeing how helpless they are.
    With these actions we are truly grateful to God that He never leaves us empty handed, even in the worst kind of situation.
    Your act of generosity and kindness is truly a heaven sent for our “kababayans”. May God always bless you, your country and other nations as well.

    • lisahendey

      Ap Po rove

      Lisa M. Hendey

      • Anonymous

        Unsubscribed. I never subscribed to this service.