Confessions of a Harvard Mom

The “to do” items on my Monday list are far from being ticked off as “done”. I’ll admit it — waking to the news that there’s a bomb threat at your kid’s college is a rattling experience. Since our Eric is a senior at Harvard, today’s news from Cambridge hit close to home.

As I write this, the official Harvard website (which is the source I trust), indicates that three campus buildings have been re-opened and one building, the Science Center, is still closed (which I read as being searched). It’s likely that this was some poor individual’s idea of either a practical joke or a stall tactic to avoid a final.

But in today’s world, such threats need to be taken carefully. And while I’m trying to work through this with a “business as usual” attitude, I must admit that along with slight worry for my son, my heart is filled with thoughts today of mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters who have lost loved ones to campus violence. The stories of shootings in our schools have become far too commonplace. And yet the sight of the tributes to loved ones will never stop tearing at our hearts.

Just last week, one of my Facebook friends posted this beautiful video created as a tribute to Emily, a precious little soul lost at Sandy Hook.

So for me, today’s wake up call is yet another reminder to shower love upon those around me, to never miss a chance to let them know how special they are. Please join me in praying for the repose of the souls of all children lost, and for their loved ones who surely miss them this holiday season.

And for whoever was desperate enough to cause today’s disturbance at Harvard, may they be helped and healed.

"Only good things are to come!! Saying yes is the best. See you around, friend."

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  • John Clem

    Thank God Eric and all the students at Harvard are OK. My brother Mike wrote this song called Walk Humbly Son which was performed at the remembrance services at Virginia Tech following the tragedy.