Pope Francis to Meet with President Obama

CNN has announced an upcoming March 27th meeting between Pope Francis and President Barack Obama.

President Barack Obama will meet with Pope Francis for the first time on March 27 at the Vatican, the White House announced Tuesday.

Obama’s visit with the leader of the Roman Catholic Church will be part of a larger European trip that the President will take that month.

“The President looks forward to discussing with Pope Francis their shared commitment to fighting poverty and growing inequality,” a White House news release said.

I believe that much good can come of this meeting. Rather than launching snarky comments, let’s pray for the meeting between Pope Francis & President Obama. The world’s poor need & deserve leaders committed to leading us in change.

Update: The Vatican News website now also has information about the visit:

Pope Francis is scheduled to receive US President, Barak Obama, in audience in the Vatican, on Thursday 27 March 2014. The news was announced on Tuesday by the White House, and confirmed by Father Federico Lombardi, Head of the Vatican Press Office.
It will be Obama’s first meeting with Pope Francis. At the Inaugural Mass of his Petrine Ministry on March 19, 2013, the United States was represented by US Vice-President, Joe Biden. The announcement comes just days after the Vatican Secretary of State, Cardinal-designate Pietro Parolin met with US Secretary of State, John Kerry. Read the full announcement here.

"Only good things are to come!! Saying yes is the best. See you around, friend."

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  • Thanks for sharing this, Lisa. I’ve made no secret that I’m not a fan of the policies of this administration, one that I actually had high hopes for some years ago when then Senator Obama won the caucus here in my great state of Iowa that launched his eventual ride into the White House. I am so, so sad about how his presidency has played out. And I’m with you. Time to pray for at least some low-hanging fruit to be produced and harvested from this meeting. (sorry, not sorry, for the overused cliche!)

    Right before I read this story yesterday, here’s the prayer I was pondering:
    “No matter what Satan does to discourage or intimidate you, keep obeying the Lord and inviting people to receive the fullness of the Spirit in their lives. By continually praying for as many leaders as possible to receive the Spirit, you will join the Spirit in renewing the face of the earth. Come, Holy Spirit!” (H/T: Presentation Ministries)

    • disqus_cWLZCPkQ8d

      Obama is meeting with your Pope not converting… strictly a political meeting.
      The POTUS is seeking the meeting because Pope Francis is pretending to be a progressive on issues like divorce, homosexuality, poverty and corporate greed. But, the pseudo liberality of Francis is in sharp contrast to his predecessors. America is a secular state that FULLY accepts a pro-choice worldview in which women have the right to control their bodies without the patrimony.