2009 Gay Pride Parade Video 11 of 11

Here is my final reflection from walking in the 2009 Chicago Gay Pride Parade and interviewing a variety of people who were all a part of that day as well.

Much love.


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  • stanw

    I love your compassionate heart, thank you for posting this valuable video. May you folks have an awesome holiday and be refreshed in spirit. Look forward to more of your post and will have to get your book sometime.

  • chrishydeonline

    Dude, I just gotta say that you really inspire me!

  • Anonymous

    Andrew, I am in awe of your commitment for change. You have inspired me so much. I am a christian who happens to be gay. You faith in the Lord has paid off with so many Christians willing to come out of their closet of intolerance. Likewise people like myself who must come out of indifference. I pray for your spirit that you are renewed and never give up. You are having an impact. Since I met you at Azusa CA over two years ago I have been convicted to think, read and seek guidance on how God directs my call and how I can make a difference in my town. Never give up and Be determined.

  • Heather

    Hi Andrew,
    Watching your videos from the parade has floored me.
    I’m almost in tears. I’ve never been to the annual Gay Pride Parade, but I’ve heard it can be quite graphic so to speak. Hearing these men and women express their sadness at how the church has reacted towards them does break my heart. It makes me physically sick. I think what you’re doing is awesome. I’m currently reading your book and can’t put it down.
    You’re an inspiration to me.