Article I Wrote for Relevant Magazine

RelevantThis link takes you to an article I wrote for Relevant Magazine that is published in their September/October 2009 issue. They wanted to “introduce me” to their readership, so half of the article is my background and the other half are a few key lessons I’ve learned along the way. One of the people who made a comment on Relevant’s site (PaulieB65) summed the article up well (and it needed to be summed up because as usual, the fighting began right from the first comment! Another not-so-subtle reminder of the ridiculously important bridge building work we’re doing!):

“That single moment encompassed more spiritual conviction than I had felt my entire life. For the first time, I knew what I needed to do—go back, apologize, and learn how to live and love. This was my chance for a countercultural love. It was tangible, and consisted of a RADICAL LOVE in which I was absolved from my own SELF-INFLICTED OPPRESSION by the cultural burdens I had placed upon MY PERCEPTIONS of what I thought was a good (i.e. “safe”) Christian life. I realized I could hold on to my theological beliefs and yet be the person of faith who I so boldly claimed myself to be. ”

The main point of the article. Capitalized Emphasis added. I (PaulieB65) feel like we were missing the point in these comments. That’s all, so here’s the reminder.

“Stick out like a sore thumb and humbly walk in the knowledge that God doesn’t only work when we know what the outcome is going to be.”

Good call PaulieB65!

Does anyone have any thoughts about the article?

Much love.

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  • Kathleen

    It gripped me. I don't typically read Relevant being that I'm a 61 year old grandmother / pastoral assistant that sticks mainly to Good Housekeeping. Go figure.

    So, why I picked up this particular issue and turned to your particular article is beyond me. Better put: above me. In retrospect I see how the Lord used it to speak into my own tidy little world. It's pretty safe where I live. And it saddens me to have that word "safe" associated with my firmly rooted love for the Lord. It simply ought not be!

    The story was humbling, to say the least. It's given me food for thought, and even more food for prayer.

    Thank you for the honest divulgences that grant we readers a peak into the world in which you've been drawn, and live, and have your being.

    His richest blessings to you and yours.

  • Wow, Kathleen. I am speechless. Thank you for letting me know. It is these impactful times that happen all over, most of which I'll never know of or ever see. For you to say that means a whole lot! Seriously. Much love!

  • Heisiam

    Hi my brother,

    I will outright say that I have so many problems with this issue. I have problems with many issues, including my own. I believe in bridgebuilding in as much as it is a bridge that is in Christ, but apart from Him, we have no fellowship with anyone. I struggle with drinking too much…. (one of my struggles for an example). The key word to take from that is that I "Struggle" with it. I know that excess is wrong, and I have made amends and repented of it and continue in a state of repentance and forgiveness untill the day of liberty that He has promised me.

    In light of that, what kind of bridge are you trying to build with those who have no intent to turn from a clear warning from heaven in scripture that anyone who "practices" such things shall not inherit the Kingdom of God? Are they struggling against the sin that is destroying and condemning them, or are they reveling in celebration of the "life" and "love" they have now found? It is clear that anyone who "gives himself over" to something is eventually "given over to it" by God. Not because He chose it, but because they did. There is justification and no condemnation for the humble penitent struggling against his weakness and sin, but judgement for the proud doer.

    I judge no one, but in light of what is written…. what should we do? Yes… Love trumps all…. but what does love do?????… it speaks the truth…. and it says to ALL… "If you do not repent, or you shall likewise perish…." (Lk 13)

    It sounds so harsh…. but it is the medicine that saves. I don't have the answers, (or the boldness most of the time), but I am in search of them, just like you are….. God help us! Maybe you can help me!



  • Heisiam


    Please don't take anything I wrote above in a negative way…. I understand that God has each person on a track that "hope against hope" will lead them to Him. I also much appreciate your heart in being all things to all people so as to win some….. I just have a lot of issues in that lifestyle being an acceptable "choice" in the sight of God in any circumstance.

    A harsh anwer stirs up anger but a gentle one can break a bone…. coming down an people seldom works the grace of God, but at the same time, as Paul said… "rebuke them severely that they may be strong in the faith".

    Here's a question for your next post….. I had a lengthy discussion with someone overit….

    "Would Jesus go to a gay wedding?

    Well, please take no offence as none was intendid.

    Peace to you!

  • Heisiam – I don't take what you say as offensive…we're all on a journey to discover how to peacefully and productively interact with this topic and each other. I could write a significant amount to you here as I feel that you brought up quite a few differing issues. So in lieu of writing pages and pages, can you first read the following categories on the left hand side of this page:


    Bridge Building

    And if you have not read my book, it’s 204 pages of what I’m all about in this regard! Let me know what you think as I’m looking forward to discussing.


  • Mrs T

    Andrew builds the bridge because he doesn't know how God will work in that person's life, but he knows he must build the bridge in order to be able to witness or do whatever God calls him to do. You can't talk to the guy on the other side of the chasm without a bridge! The church has made the chasm huge as it somehow often regards being gay as the worst sin possible.

    Many of us have a real love for the GLBT community. Andrew has been called to work in this area & maybe you have been called elsewhere. But remember that the first step is getting that bridge across to the other side.

  • Jon Trouten

    Would Jesus go to a gay wedding?

    Good question. I believe that he would indeed attend one.

  • Clinton Siple

    Hello Andrew,

    I am a gay senior male living outside the U.S.

    I am not a Christian.

    I read on a daily basis 2 American gay new sites, and 2 American Christian sites which constantly "bash" gays!

    As you might well imagine, my feelings towards Christians continues to deteriorate each and every time I read these "hateful" Christian sites with their misleading information re the gay community.

    On nearly a daily basis for some years, I've asked myself, "do these people who write these terrible articles know or have any gay friends??" I've even e-mailed them and asked them this question, but of course they never respond!

    Quite by accident only yesterday did I come across your site. (I'm really surprised that I've never heard it mentioned in some of the more popular gay sites, e.g. 365 Gay!

    I've spent the past 24 hours just reading your material, watching your videos, etc.

    God simply placed your face on my computer screen and said "guess what"?

    I'm still in a state of shock, and can barely believe what I'm reading about you! God does work in mysterious ways!

    You are truly one of God's greatest gifts to the gay community! What more can I say, Andrew, other than thank you, keep up the good work, and many God always bless you abundantly!


  • Clinton – I am so humbly crushed by raw love and honesty through your words in sharing your story. Thank you so much for writing, it means the world to me. Much love brother!