Sept 1: My One Sentence Bible

What is My One Sentence Bible?

9-1-09: If praise comes about you, let it be from another’s mouth. Proverbs 27:2

Godly ones sprint towards what everyone else runs away from. Proverbs 28:1

As hard as it is to tell someone your faults, the Lord brings mercy to those bold enough to speak. Proverbs 28:13

Someone eager to get rich won’t find in God what they’re looking for. Proverbs 28:20

Trusting in our own ways and keeping an amassed wealth each tear us from God. Journeying with an open spirit and giving to the poor, don’t. Proverbs 28:26-27

There is more hope for a fool than for those that just keep talking. Proverbs 29:20

A Prayer and Plea: Keep me on a steady path Lord, because if I have too much or too little I might disown you. Proverbs 30:8-9

Stop talking trash to others about people who are not present! God hates it. Proverbs 30:10

A woman’s Godly work in private is no less to be praised than a senior pastors’ work in public. Proverbs 31:23-31

Much love.

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