Sept 15: My One Sentence Bible

What is My One Sentence Bible?

While I was gone on my UK tour, here is the One Sentence Bible over the last 10 days:

Party with respectability. Isaiah 5:11-14

The Lord is known by righteousness and justice. Isaiah 5:16

No matter what the outcome, don’t call evil good and good evil. You’re not as clever as you might think. Isaiah 5:20-21

Even the great prophet Isaiah was scared out of his mind to meet God face to face. Just think what it will be like for you and I when we get that opportunity? Isaiah 6:1-5

Feel free to ask God for a sign. Though keep in mind the sign might come after everything has already passed. Faith is not about signs, it’s about belief. Isaiah 7

When judgment day arrives, who will you run to then? Isaiah 10:3-4

When the Lord works his will, where are your politicians and government to decree new laws to save you? Nowhere. They’re already staggering around in their own vomit. Be careful who you turn to for help. Isaiah 19:12-14

Too many priests, prophets and politicians make meaningless sounds. Speak the Lord’s will with precise clarity or don’t speak at all. Isaiah 28:7-19

You can talk a good game and even worship one as well. The Lord judges hearts. Isaiah 29:13

Don’t point a finger to government to prove your validation, or hide behind them for your protection. It will be your downfall. Isaiah 30:1-3

No matter how far we run from God, whether we turn to the left or the right, God’s voice is always in us saying, “This is the way; walk in it.” Isaiah 30:19-21

Humanity is flat out trusting in the wrong external things as they flex their earthly muscles. Isaiah 31:1-3

The upright person makes upright plans and in those upright actions they unflinchingly stand. Isaiah 32:8

My personal realization: without God’s strength every morning there is no way I could keep pressing on in the face of so much personal and social burdens and oppression. Isaiah 33:2

Though people come against the Lord with their proof in the physical world; though many believe it; though it might even cause us to doubt our own belief; even insecure prayers will rise the Lord’s passion for those who seek Him out. And 185,000 trash talking Assyrian’s died before the battle even commenced. Isaiah 36-37

The Lord never grows weary. Renew your strength in the Everlasting and then run and not grow weary; walk, and not be faint. Isaiah 40:28-31

Much love.

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  • Jon Trouten

    welcome back, Andrew!