Gay Parents

USA Today recently ran a short piece scientifically comparing gay parents to straight parents. Here is the article. A few highlights I found interesting:

1. It’s shameful that USA Today had to use a picture of a stereotypical gay couple from a TV show instead of a real family. In my opinion, it really shows USA Today’s inability to be realistic to this topic—instead of just portraying the topic through fiction.

2.  In the year 2008, 31% of gay and lesbian couples were raising a child in comparison to 43% of straight couples.

3.  From an adult psycho-social perspective, the quality of the parents does not differ with sexual orientation.

4.  The one part of this article that my personal experience has shown to be different is that children of gay/lesbian couples are teased a lot more overall—especially because of their parents. I have teachers from all over the country calling/emailing me asking me how to curb this behavior, and how use it as a learning lesson on top of punishment. It’s a very real occurrence, and it’s something that shouldn’t just be written about like it’s not a big deal.

What are your thoughts about the article and its conclusions?

Much love.

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  • guidoc

    When my son was in preschool, there was a boy who had a mother who was lesbian. I came to a point that i had to make a choice on how to deal with this family. Was I going to ostracize this family or was I going to embrace this family. As I thought about it, I decided that I would not be a negative influence on this child. So,I made a choice. My son did not catch that the ‘two mommies,’ but just enjoyed hanging with the kid.

    One of the things I can do is that I support these kids. That means that I do not judge the kids by their parents. That is mercy and justice to me.

  • Guidoc – I appriciate your example so much. I think from a straight persepctive, it hits the main point square between the eyes – is it about the parents, family or kids? Your thought process was so honest. Thanks for sharing.

  • Honestly, in nearly a decade of parenting I have found that the kids get it. They see that our kids have two dads and they may remark about it sometimes but it’s not a scandal unless adults make it a scandal. As the saying goes, it is what it is.

    Then again, our preschool had and, to a lesser extent, our local elementary school has lots of foster kids and kids who’d been adopted or who live in post-divorce-blended families. They grew up with mom &/or dad &/or step-mom &/or step-dad &/or foster mom(s)/dad(s) &/or grandma, etc, etc. Seeing D’ come to a school event or a soccer game with his two dads usually doesn’t turn any heads, as it should be.

  • As a mother of a gay son I am so enraged at all these people that want to steroetype the sexual orientation of my child. It makes me so mad because if they would just open their hearts (like Jesus teaches us) and get past the “sinner” nonsense maybe they would finally see that we are all God’s children!!!

  • So, does USA prefer that children be in a hetrosexual marriage with abuse and divorce. Give me a break!!! It saddens me that we are still living in an age of this nonsense. Get past yourself and look at the happiness that these children have in a family unit vs. a single parent!!!