Dec 1: My One Sentence Bible

What is My One Sentence Bible?


If God individually told all of us in detail how we would be persecuted because of our belief, would you still publicly do His work? Ezekiel did. Ezekiel 3:25

Ezekiel didn’t just call the Israelites out, God said he had to bear their sin for 430 days lying on his side. So why do we complain again—God hasn’t asked us to bear even our own sin. Ezekiel 4:4-8

The Lord gives, and the Lord takes away—I envy not Ezekiel who was the sole person to communicate in painful detail how the Lord was going to take from the Israelites because they turned their back on God. Ezekiel 6-7

If there is one thing that really gets God all worked up, it’s man-made idolatry. Amazing how the lesson still isn’t learned? Ezekiel 8:5-16

Much love.

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