I’m on the 700 Club

I’m on the 700 Club December 30, 2009

The clip above will be appearing on tonight’s (Dec 30th) 700 Club with Pat Robertson. Seriously, I’m not lying! Heather Sells, a reporter from Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN), came to my first session where over 1,300 students packed a ballroom to listen to how Jesus counterculturally responded to close-ended yes/no questions, and thus, how we as Christians in today’s culture should also counterculturally respond.

Here’s the crazy part, they were so intrigued by what I said and how everyone in the audience was so engaged that they are interested in potentially coming to Chicago to see The Marin Foundation’s work first hand?! I know, you’re just as shocked as I am. Who knows if that trip will ever happen, but to even have this small opportunity to appear on the 700 Club tonight is something that I literally never thought would be a possibility.

Pray that it is used in great ways to draw many others to this unique bridge building movement.

Here is the link to the transcripted article of the segment.

Much love.


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  • Yeah baby! This is really exciting. Like, super-duper exciting.

  • and I’m smiling.

  • Dude! That’s awesome. Thanks for showing such grace toward a group (i.e., CBN) who can so easily be looked down upon by Christians who would label themselves as ‘progressive’ or ‘liberal’. Grace and mercy for all! Thanks for the reminder and encouragement.

  • Un-friggin’-believable! Keep it going!

  • Andrew ~ this is wonderful! The more I hear about the work that the Marin Foundation is doing in Chicago, the more interested I am in it and would consider visiting Chicago to see first hand how it’s being executed! Not sure how or when that may play out, but i am open to it as well.
    My prayer for you and the foundation is for continued blessings!

  • your face was made for TV man. It would be great to see you sitting beside Pat on the 700 club