Live Chat and LITT Today

picture for live chat

Don’t forget today’s Live Chat from 3-5pm CST. Also, tonight is The Marin Foundation’s next Living in the Tension Gathering at 5255 N. Ashland Ave Room 120 from 7-9pm in Chicago.

Here’s how to participate in the Live Chat:

-Click on the ‘Live Chat’ button on the top of the page

-Type your question into the chat box at the bottom of the page (but make sure you ‘Copy’ it before you press send, because the first time you press send it will be deleted – don’t worry, this is normal).

-After you press send, a box will pop up that asks for you to either ‘Log-in’ or ‘Sign-up Now’. Sign-up for free, and then when you’re registered, you’ll be able to ‘paste’ your question in the chat box.

-From there on out, you’ll be ready to roll each Live Chat!

Talk soon.

Much love.


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  • Sarah C.

    Hi Andrew,

    Is there any chance you will have a live chat slightly later so us left-coast working stiffs can join on some time? I really, really want to participate, but don’t feel comfortable/able to do so from work.

    Sarah C. in CA

  • Hi Sarah, I’ll totally start rotating in some special left-coast-working-stiffs times. 🙂

    What times would work best?

  • Sarah C.

    Coolio! What about starting around 5 pm PT? Or, maybe 7 am PT?