Part 5: I Need Help

Even though The Marin Foundation has existed on well under $100,000 per year, the following is the best case scenario budget for 2010, where The Marin Foundation can run full steam.

The key to this budget are the Trainings. Right now, it kills me that The Marin Foundation can only go train entities that are able to pay us, which I feel at a very real level, hampers the influence of this movement. My vision for this bridge building movement is not based on payment, but rather on the ability to pounce on a need when one is brought to us anywhere in the world. Instead of us hearing a need and then having to negotiate a price for folks who can’t afford our services, we want more than anything to just ‘go’ right away without hesitation and continue pushing this movement forward! Here you go…

2010 Budget: $316,124.00

General and Administrative costs:

Trainings—Including Educational Classes, Living in the Tension Gatherings, Pastoral Staff and Congregation Training, Strategic Bridge Building Framework and Partnerships, Regular Follow-Up Return Trips, Live Chats, Consulting:

     National Church (Liberal and Conservative) Trainings: $50,000.00

     Religious/GLBT Organizational Trainings: $30,000.00

     International Church/Organizational Trainings: $15,000.00

Scientific Research: $10,000.00

Track #1 Educational Classes: $3,000.00

Track #2 Educational Classes: $3,000.00

Living in the Tension Gatherings: $12,000.00

The Marin Foundation Network: $7,000.00

Organizational Membership: $125.00

Love is an Orientation Books to Sell: $4,500.00

Marketing/Swag: $7,500.00

Staff Development: $7,000.00

Website/Blog Maintenance: $7,000.00

Board of Director Meetings: $2,000.00

The Marin Foundation Savings: $5,000.00


Andrew Marin* (President): $49,999.00

Kevin Harris* (Andrew’s Assistant & Director of Community Involvement): $20,000.00

TBD* (Director of Communications and Development): $20,000.00

Nathan Albert* (Director of Pastoral Care and Programs) $15,000.00

Hanna Dekker* (Part-time Accountant): $9,000.00

Payroll Taxes: $30,000.00

Organizational/Board Insurance: $4,000.00

Rent and Utilities: $3,000.00

Supplies and Maintenance: $2,000.00

*The Marin Foundation will pay Andrew as is; Kevin, Nathan and Hanna will be paid the listed amount and they are required to raise additional support to reach their full salary –Bios for Kevin, Nathan and Hanna will follow soon.

Much love.

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