Part 6: I Need Help

The Marin Foundation Revenue Plan 2010

Goal: For The Marin Foundation to become more of an ongoing resource within bridge building throughout faith, sexuality and culture for our partners that they might give on a more consistent basis.

Strategic Direction: To achieve a sustainable donation stream.

Objective:  To develop a revenue plan that will raise the full 2010 budget of $316,124.00 by December 31, 2010.

A. Churches


     Obtain $98,000 from churches donating to The Marin Foundation.


     4 churches currently donate a yearly total of $29,040.00 to The Marin Foundation.

     1 church currently donates free office space to The Marin Foundation.

Left to Raise from Churches: $68,960.00

Plan to Obtain Additional $68,960.00:

     Meet with the 16 churches that have brought in Andrew Marin in the past year to speak/teach/preach and petition them to donate (estimated total $28,800.00 which is $150/month per church). 

     Launch The Marin Foundation Network Online Resource Center early 2010—It will provide recorded talks and trainings from Andrew Marin, live monthly video conferencing with Andrew Marin, unlimited phone consults, private discussion forums, continually updated downloadable resources, discounts on services and products and much more. More on this to come soon. (estimated total of 10 churches to join The Marin Foundation Network: totaling $40,000.00).

Completed Plan Totals $97,840.00

B. Individual Donors


     Obtain $61,000 from individual donors giving to The Marin Foundation.


     2009 monthly individual giving totaled $5,000.00

     2009 one time individual giving totaled $7,000.00

     2009 total individual giving was $12,000.00

Left to Raise from Individual Giving: $49,000.00

Plan to Obtain Additional $49,000.00:

     Petition for 275 individuals to give $15 per month (only $180 a year!), which totals $49,500.00 over the course of a year.

     The Marin Foundation is in the process of setting up an online donation button that allows reoccurring monthly donations, as The Marin Foundation’s current use of PayPal is only capable of making single donations.

     These petitions will be made every Sunday on Love is an Orientation Blog (with an update of how much has been given), The Marin Foundation’s 6 Newsletters per year and through Facebook and Twitter.

Completed Plan Totals $61,500.00

C. Major Donors


     Obtain $60,000.00 from major donors giving to The Marin Foundation (Major Donor is $15,000.00 or greater).


     The Marin Foundation currently has 0 major donors.

Left to Raise from Major Donors: $60,000.00

Plan to Obtain Remaining $60,000.00:

     The Marin Foundation currently knows 1 individual with the capacity to be considered a Major Donor who has a committed interested in our bridge building work. Andrew Marin will petition this person, and then ask this person for 3 other people with the capacity to be major donors who have a heart for The Marin Foundation’s work.

Completed Plan Totals $60,000.00

D. Speaking/Teaching/Preaching Honorariums


     Obtain $50,000.00 through Andrew Marin’s speaking/teaching/preaching honorariums.


     From day one, Andrew Marin has given 100% of his honorariums directly to The Marin Foundation, a very rare thing that is done by authors and national speakers.

Plan to Obtain the $50,000.00:

     Andrew Marin plans on continuing to travel around the world to speak, teach and preach in any forum that asks of his knowledge within the individual (or combined) topics of faith, sexuality and culture, in order to obtain the budgeted financial goal.

     For information on how to book Andrew Marin, please email For Andrew Marin’s current 2010 schedule, please see

Completed Plan Totals $50,000.00 

E. Blog Advertisements


     Obtain $15,000.00 through secular and religious businesses, universities, publishers, artists and non-profits to have advertisements on Andrew Marin’s blog,


     Currently there are 0 advertisers on Andrew Marin’s blog, Love is an Orientation Blog continues to grow each month, and this month is currently on pace for over 17,000 unique visitors and over 60,000 page views.

Plan to Obtain the Remaining $15,000.00:

     100% of all Advertising money will go directly to The Marin Foundation. Love is an Orientation Blog has significant traffic for any standard of a blog, and yet there are no advertisers, even though Andrew Marin has approached a number of secular and religious businesses, universities, publishers, artists and non-profits. There are a number of blogs that receive much less traffic than Love is an Orientation, and they have a number of advertisers—thus the plan is to pray some businesses, universities, publishers, artists and non-profits decide to take a chance on a blog with such a controversial subject matter. Love is an Orientation Blog has an extremely diverse audience, and would be a great outlet for any advertiser. For advertising pricing please visit

Completed Plan Totals $15,000.00

F. Board of Directors


     Obtain a total $15,000.00 in donations from The Marin Foundation’s Board of Directors.


     Currently The Marin Foundation’s Board of Directors donates $10,000.00 per year.

Left to Raise from The Marin Foundation’s Board of Directors: $5,000.00

Plan to Obtain Remaining $5,000.00:

     With the current restructuring of The Marin Foundation’s Board of Directors, the new requirement is for each of the 5 newly appointed Board of Director members to either give, or get $3,000.00 per person.

Completed Plan Totals $15,000.00

G. Events


     Obtain $10,000.00 from The Marin Foundation fundraiser events throughout the year.


     Currently The Marin Foundation has never held a fundraiser.

Plan to Obtain Remaining $10,000.00:

     The Marin Foundation plans on having a two ‘high capacity’ friends to host fundraising parties in their homes (expected total: $5,000.00).

     The Marin Foundation plans on holding an annual fundraiser event TBD (expected total $5,000.00).

Completed Plan Totals $10,000.00

H. Love is an Orientation Book Sales


     Obtain $7,000.00 throughout the course of the year from selling Andrew Marin’s award winning book, Love is an Orientation: Elevating the Conversation with the Gay Community.   


     Andrew Marin currently sells his book at every speaking/teaching/preaching engagement. Andrew Marin will continue to sell books at his engagements, and he will also continue to give 100% of those profits to The Marin Foundation—a rare thing for any author apart of a church or non-profit organization.

Completed Plan Totals $7,000.00

*Note: The Marin Foundation always strives to offer their programming for free—therefore the Living in the Tension Gatherings, Educational Classes and other programs are not included in the annual budget.

I will be very honest with you all right now, after reading through this Revenue Plan, I realistically believe The Marin Foundation can raise about $225,000.00—and that’s saying a lot since we’ve never received more than $80,000.00 in a single year! But I am literally hopeful (trying not to be too excited), and I am wholly believing for the $316,124.00! The strange part is that this breakdown seems to make that huge number a lot more manageable.

I ask that you pray with me for this number, and I also ask that you would seriously give $15 per month … that’s only $180 per year! With an average of about 14,000 (individual IP Addresses) of you who read this blog per month, if only 275 of you gave $180 a year, our Individual Donor needs would be met! One huge category would be complete.

I know many of you have the capacity to give more than $180 per year, and if you do, please I petition you to do so. But all I am asking from 2% of the readers of this blog is to give $180 a year ($15 per month).

Please don’t leave this to someone else, or think anyone else is giving. At least in Chicago, $15 per month is one meal per month. I promise you this, I will fast 1 meal a month and donate that money I would have spent to The Marin Foundation! Please join me.

Much love.

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  • Every ministry should be this transparent.

  • Hihopes

    I love this! I have been praying for God’s Lead on how to close this year in giving. I have my debit card in hand. …..

  • A couple of thoughts –

    I would be happy to add some sort of Support The Marin Foundation banner to my blog. I am sure others would as well. It would probably be best if it links to a static page with details about your work also listing how to donate. I would be happy to help you with the banner or with a WordPress widget if you wish.

    My other thought is that some in Christian music may be more open to helping you than the Celebrity preachers protecting their brand. (I thought it was all about a Jesus-shaped brand, but never mind) I was thinking of singers like Derek Webb. If somehow you can get some interested in a charitable concert. Also, you do have a lot of talent around Chicago. Perhaps some sort of talent show to raise money? Events like that would raise awareness while raising money.

    All the best in the New Year!


  • Hihopes

    Great ideas Sarah.

  • Person

    My first thought on seeing Tony Campolo, was wow, he’s getting old. But I don’t mean that in a derogatory way of course, Tony Campolo may be the Christian leader who I admire the very most in the world today. To have someone like Tony Campolo personally support you… wow, Andrew, just wow… that is real favor and a confirmation that you’re on the right track.

    I’m sure you are well aware that you have many, many supporters all over who love you and pray for you. Stay encouraged… we are praying and believing that solutions are on their way!

  • SarahM – Hi! Wow! I love those ideas so much…never thought about them before. I’m definitely going to start looking into those as well. You’re the best. 🙂

  • Oh, and thanks Debbie…I’m just trying to be as totally upfront and honest as possible. I, like you, agree that churches and non-profits should be more transparent. And because that is such a rare thing, I’m just trying to do my part to let people know what The Marin Foundation and myself are all about.