Youth Worker Journal Interview

Last month while speaking in Cincy at the National Youth Worker Convention the Youth Worker Journal stopped me (coincidentally minutes before I had to be filmed teaching two classes for almost six consecutive hours!) for an interview to talk about what it means to have gay or lesbian kids in your youth group, and where the broader church can make simple changes that will make a significant impact for the Kingdom regarding the GLBT community – which in turn will also change the straight folks along the way as well! There is hope! 

Much love.

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  • Melissa

    Great job, Andrew. I love it. Keep living in faith.

  • Good interview, Andrew.

    But what’s with that camera action? I can’t imagine how distracting it must be trying to keep one’s thoughts together with the video camera moving up and down and twisting and turning. LOL!

  • Jon, I’ll be dead honest, the guy who was filming moving that camera all over the place was the most distracting thing ever. I literally don’t know how I kept making any sense because all I was thinking about was, “Why is this man moving this camera in such strange ways?”

    As I was talking, the following was the inner-head commentary I was thinking to myself while trying to do this interview:

    “Keep your thoughts steady. Try not to look at the annoying guy moving the camera all up on my grill. Oh man, I’m sweating now. Drat, he’s zooming in on my pimples. Wait, I still have to keep putting an intelligent and fluid thought together. This is way more difficult than it needs to be. Keep on going, almost there. Phew. It’s over…now I get to teach for 6 hours while being taped again. Well, at least that person won’t be trying to distract me. Don’t forget to smile, thank him and shake all their hands.”

    Oh the strange commentary that always runs through my brain. Thanks for noticing. Much love!

  • Hihopes

    This is an excellent interview. You touch some of most salient points. Reasons to care…I like it a bunch! In fact, I have forwarded it on to some area clergy I think should watch and become open to engagement………….Love your work for the Kingdom.

  • Andrew, I praise God for you and the impact you are having on the Kingdom of Christ. Tears came to my eyes listening to you in this video and hearing the passion you have for what you do.

  • Andrew, this is the guy from rural Georgia. Thanks for all you have done. I have even more awesome stories to share with you. Stories of people from within my own church who now trust me, and have opened up to me about their families and sexual orientation.

    I hope that you are able to make it down here in the near future. The PFLAG group I hang out with is overwhelmed with joy at the possibility of your visit.

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    Christ’s Peace,