Andrew Interviews Jay Bakker

Ever since Jay Bakker (son of Jim and the late Tammy Faye Bakker) had his own ‘coming out’ in the evangelical world – publicly standing with the gay community in regards to gay ordination, marriage and the belief in what is considered a pro-gay theology – Jay has been one of the most attacked people throughout our faith. Jay is not one to respond to the many bloggers and internet folks who strongly dislike him, so I figured I would let him air his thoughts about the viciouness that surrounds him on a daily basis.

Here is a link to Jay’s church, DVD from a TV series about his life, his book, and he has another book coming out early next year.

Have any of you interacted with Jay before? Heard him speak? Read his book or wathced the reality show? What are your thoughts?

Much love.

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  • Kevin

    I watched the whole TV series on DVD “One Punk Under God” last year and I appreciated his heart that seemed to be genuinely just trying to love people and God. Especially his courage when he was preaching at a church that was shouting out amens and yelling as they were getting into the sermon and then he started talking about the gay and lesbian community and the place fell deathly silent and quickly became uncomfortable for him. It was also cool to see his father, Jim Bakker, and Jay reconciling parts of their faith and relationship as their ways of doing ministry differ just a little.

  • Way to give Jay a complex, Andrew!!! 😛

    I was a huge fan of the Bakkers back in the 80s when Jay’s parents were involved with PTL. I always thought it would be fun to run around that Christian amusement park with Jay and other kids. Later, after the scandal, I found myself increasingly impressed with his mother Tammy Faye and the grace, humor, and humility that she showed towards others and towards herself. Later on, I became increasingly aware of Jay and his then-new bar-based ministry and found myself really liking both his message and his willingness to minister to a group of people who are often chased away by traditional church environments.

    I enjoyed watching his “One Punk Under God” mini-series when it first aired. I also used to poke around on his message boards, though he rarely (if ever) participated in them. I did download a bunch of his sermons and enjoyed his casual, yet scripture-focused sermons. I’d be sorely tempted to give his church a try if I lived in New York City.

  • Andrew! Thanks for having Jay on! He’s someone I consider to be a close friend and his heart is unmatched when it comes to loving his neighbor as himself. Sometimes I wish he would love his neighbor less and take more for himself but that’s his nature. Oh and a quick tip about him… He’s addicted to Poptarts and Diet Coke.

    Keep up the good work bro!

  • Andrew,

    Thanks for having Jay on your blog. I used to have him come speak to my youth group in ATL. He is a great guy with a huge heart. Love his and your ministries.



  • Tim Breyfogle

    I had the pleasure of spending a few days with Jay last summer in Memphis. He, I, and some like-minded folks (Tim and Connie) went to Sun Studios and the Civil Rights Museum and discussed everything from theology to pop tarts. We then got to hear him deliver a late-night message. Let his detractors and critics say what they will, but Jay is one of the most “real” people I have ever met in my life. The depth to which he cares about people (all people) is amazing. He is a very modest, humble, and sincere follower of Christ.

    This is my first time visiting your site, good stuff!

    From Texas with Grace!

  • Connie Waters

    Being mean to Jay Bakker is like clubbing baby seals and hating ice cream!! But seriously, I would rather stand before my God having loved too much then not enough! Jay is on the right track!!!
    1 John 4:8 “Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love.”

  • I never was into religious television. So I don’t really know anything about his parents. I just want to say that Jay and you, Andrew, are people I would just like to be friends with and hang out. So, whenever, wherever.

    Peace, friend!

  • The root of your writing whilst sounding reasonable originally, did not work perfectly with me after some time. Somewhere within the sentences you managed to make me a believer but just for a very short while. I nevertheless have a problem with your jumps in assumptions and you might do nicely to fill in those breaks. If you can accomplish that, I could undoubtedly end up being fascinated.

  • Dr. Nancy Calley

    What happened to Jay Bakkers wife and daughter?? Also what has happened to his sister Tammy Sue Bakker Chapman Her sons and ex-husband are with her dad Jim and Doug Chapman has re-married and has a baby girl also but no Tammy she was not in any of the pictures when her boys graduated.No one seems to kow where she is!!!! Also what happened to Amanda Jays wife they moved from Atl… Ga. to New York she was going to Med school then she to was gone out of the picture What is going on with these two Bakker kids ????? we were neighbors for many many years at Tega Cay SC

    • I don’t know details, but I know that Jay and his wife divorced each other a few years ago.