Andrew Interviews Alan Hirsch

I LOVE Alan Hirsch! I have been a huge fan of all of his books and how he is pushing the church back to its missional roots of what it means to literally be a Christ-one. And let’s be honest, the church can’t reclaim its missional roots while continuing to fight against or ignore the gay communtiy – hence the reason I ask Alan about his thoughts regarding the GLBT and faith communities.

I strongly encourage you all to get to know Alan as I just believe in his work so much. You can find him on Facebook here, his Twitter is @alanhirsch and I can’t recommend his books enough:

His newest book is Untamed which was just released in February

Alan’s other books I love are:

The Forgotten Ways and ReJesus

This guy is the real deal! It was such an honor for me to be able to meet him, get to hang out with him for a few days and eventually share the stage. Before I gave this talk, Alan gave this one:

Lumen 1.31 – Alan Hirsch from mariners church on Vimeo.

Much love.

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  • Alan is the man! (Also, partner in crime, Mike Frost is the man!) :-)))))

    Their stuff gets so many mentions on my blog I worry they may think I’m stalking them! :-))

    Thanks for sharing this Andrew


  • Johnny – Stalker is such a relaitve term that can take on many forms…I’m sure they love you…unless you consider Alan filing for a restraining order on you saying that you’re not allowed to get within 1,000 ft of him, stalking? 🙂

  • :-)))) You kill me, man!