Getting Attacked is like Riding a Bike

Yep, that’s what I feel it’s like. Let’s be honest, I’ve been on a really good run recently with great reviews/conversations/interviews/commentaries/mentions/quotes/etc about my book and work. I’m not naive enough to think this will continue forever. 🙂   And it hasn’t. And recently, it really hasn’t.

But here’s what I’ve realized through this recent wave of people wanting to personally insult me as a human being—I’m starting to grow up. For years I’ve had people in my life tell me,

“Who cares what those people say, they don’t want to listen in the first place anyway.”

For whatever reason, probably because I’m super sensitive, I care what they, and more realistically, what everyone, says. I take all of it to heart and try to learn something and keep moving forward. But recently I’ve noticed that I’ve been able to keep the “I take all of it to heart and try to learn something and keep moving forward” while not also feeling like a piece of crap. I’m quite excited how the Lord is working in me in this way.

So therefore, getting attacked is like riding a bike in three ways:

1. You get on, try to ride in a straight line and/or by yourself without the training wheels, fall down, it hurts really bad, you get back up and try to do it again until you’ve learned something.

2. Doesn’t matter how long in between falls, they’re around every corner, and will always be a [potential] part of the bike riding journey.

3. Regardless of the first two, you’re better prepared because you’ve learned from the countless other ones. (Or in my case, you repeat this process thousands of times, and not learn anything until years later. The good news: ‘years later’ is right now!)

I feel like I’m living proof of my commentary regarding MLK Jr: The growth only comes retrospectively after much time has been immersed in uncomfortable places.

Strange, but hauntingly true.

I’m at a humble moment right now realizing I have grown. It’s scary and comforting all at once.

PS – This blog post is not an encouragement to now write me more hate mail to test this theory. 🙂

Much love.

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  • WackyWilliams

    That is cool that you have been able to stay open while learning to also not let it devistate you, I too am a supersensative person but I chose a differnt path, I closed up in a tempered steel shell with eletricfied barb wire & stone walls for most of my life with alcahol, drugs, selfharming, & selflothing to make sure nobody could ever hurt me! now in the last 2 years I am pretty much definceless & it SUCKS! now I crave my shell again but it just dosent seem to fit anymore, so I appaled you in learning forwardly instead of in reverse like me. I hope when I grow up I can have a tender hart & eyes that penatrate the soal with wisdom like you. hope I wasn’t too scathing 😉

  • Mrs T

    With all the wonderful opportuities ahead, you can expect attacks from the enemy. Keep praying & keep asking us to pray. There are spiritual battles all along the way, but we know Who will eventually win the war! Yeah!

  • Hihopes

    If no one is attacking you. You must be doing something wrong.

  • Another way it’s like riding a bike: It’s incredibly hard to make a living at.

    Rimshot anybody?


  • Amy

    Andrew, I am in a very similar place right now and am happy to say that you have played a small role in my recent “education” (in a positive way). Thank you, my brother.

  • Seth

    Reminds me of your recent posting about hitting many, many tennis balls in your garage so that you know in your body what the swing should feel like. Not the pitch. The attacks may come in all kinds of ways, but your response is what matters: You choose which ones to let go and which ones need your expert response.

    But truth be told, I’m glad you’re in the batting cage and not me!

  • Ryan

    My friend Bob once told me that if you are getting shot at from both sides you are probably doing the right thing. Andrew I know you probably have alot of people who try and knock you down but you please don’t ever stop getting back on that bike.

    I know that your heart is in the right place and I know that God is using you to help change things so that the Church will be a place that we can find refuge and support as it should be. Just remember you have many people rooting for you. Love ya brother!!!

  • anonymous girl living in the Bible Belt

    I will second Ryan. I know that many people on both sides have criticized you deeply and said of what you are doing “It’s not good enough.” Love is always good enough. I am sure you have made mistakes, and am sure that as God leads you you will learn more and more every day. What you are doing is so incredibly needed and the fact that you are getting inevitable backlash makes me believe that your work will last in the face of criticism and everything.