Live Interview Tonight on GLBT Radio Program: The Gay Agenda

Tonight from 7-8pm CST I will be a live guest on James Hipps call-in radio program, The Gay Agenda. You can listen live and call-in live here. Prayers are appriciated. I have no idea what we’ll talk about tonight or where the Q&A will go, but this is such a humbled honor to be on this well known GLBT show to speak about our bridge building work.

Much love.

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  • Ryan

    Hey Andrew,

    This was such a great interview and I am so excited to hear your about your talk at Wheaton. It gives me such hope that the glass ceiling is is starting to crack.

    One thing I thought was interesting in this interview when you were talking about the Conservative Church aligning itself to a politcal party. I often refer to this as the Church “whoring itself out for politcal power”.

    The Indigo Girls in a song called Philosophy of Loss sing ” Welcome to why the church has died. In the heart of the exiled in the kingdom of hate, Who owns the land & keeps the commands. And marries itself to the state.”

    It is ironic because we are blamed for trying to spread our radical gay agenda and are enemies of the church. But it seems that the Church has cheapened the gospel by seeking politcal power. What is that saying about people in glass houses?

  • I listened to about half the show and then had to run. I’ve uploaded it onto my iPod to hear the rest sometime later today.

    I’ve heard numerous interviews by you on Christian radio programs. Outside of that one unmentionable sattelite radio show a few years back, I don’t think I’ve ever heard you interviewed by a GLBT interviewer. It was interesting to hear the differences in the types of questions and discussion between the two types of shows.

  • Ryan – The very sad part is that there are many “cheapen” ‘s running around. That is such a big part of this bridge building work, to authenticate both communities in their relationship with themselves and the rest of the world.

    Jon – There are huge differences in the questions asked – the same goes for when I speak at GLBT vs. Conservative events during the Q&As. I talked to my parents after the interview last night, and the first thing my Mom said was how much she enjoyed the interview because the questions were so different.

  • Mrs T

    The interview went great! I was so glad the guy was so comfortable with you. (I was at a prayer meeting during the actual interview & remembered to pray for you a few times.)
    As for politics: Yes, Christians often depend on it/them too much. But there are some issues that we are passionate about, like abortion. I’m sorry, but most Christians can’t justify it! But since it is already the law, we should put our energies to teaching about it in our own families & churches.
    I lean toward one political party, but also know that power corrupts & that ‘good’ politicians can be corrupted easily. I never advocate that one party is always right. There is plenty of corruption out there.
    However, there are Christians that never vote & are clueless when evil forces are out there in politics, religion, & the schools. We need to be informed, but never depend on these institutions. We need to depend on the Lord!