Another Unreal Review

Don’t know how I missed this one either! Guess life goes on when you’re in another country… 🙂

I’m blessed to have read this. The conversation over there is poppin’! Rachel Held Evans wrote this review. I have never met her, but I continue to hear great things about her upcoming book. Holla!

Much love.

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  • I loved your book, Andrew. And I appreciate how it generated one of the most constructive conversations we’ve ever had on the blog. (Usually when you see 100 + comments, it’s an indication that the conversation has gone South. Not in this case!) I also received quite a few emails from people who were touched by “Love is an Orientation” or by the dialog it inspired on the blog. Thanks for the work that you do.

  • No, seriously, thank you. Much love!!!! 🙂

  • Deborah Solomon

    Hi Andrew,

    I heard you speak recently at some youth stuff in the UK, I haven’t read your book but I found you a very interesting speaker with a compassionate heart full of love for a community that have only felt hate from the body of Christ.

    I’ve read through all your blogs but I can’t find the answer I’m looking for. I wonder if you’d take the time to answer one question for me?
    Are you saying it’s ok to be Gay and be a God loving Christian and God is fine with it or are you saying as Christian’s we are to love the Gay community (build a bridge) but shouldn’t be a practicing gay ourselves? I don’t understand…….
    This would really help me with some personal issues and struggles in my own personal theology about how I’m feeling…….
    Deb 🙂