England Here I Come…

After spending the last two days celebrating Brenda’s 30th(!) birthday, I leave this afternoon for my Bridge Building England Tour until April 26th. Here is the schedule for public speaking engagements:

Spring Harvest Tour (Dates, Locations and Event):

April 5 (Minehead) – afternoon lecture
April 6 (Minehead) – afternoon church service, evening panel participant
April 8 (Skegness) – afternoon lecture
April 9 (Skegness) – afternoon youth event, evening panel participant
April 10 (Minehead) – afternoon lecture
April 11 (Minehead) – evening panel participant
April 13 (Skegness) – afternoon lecture
April 14 (Skegness) – evening panel participant
April 15 (Minehead) – afternoon lecture
April 16 (Minehead) – evening panel participant

April 25-26 (Eastbourne) – Kings Church


April 23 (London) – LGBT Courage United Kingdom Gathering

April 24 (London) – LGBT Christian Anglican Association of England

My goal is to blog everyday while I’m out there to keep everyone updated and process some of the unique experiences I am sure to have. Prayers are appreciated. Soooo exciting. Talk soon!

Much love.


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  • Wonderful that you are speaking at Spring Harvest!! Hope it all goes well, and look forward to reading your blogs.

  • Once again, good luck and have a fun time Andrew! You’re a very fortunate man! 🙂

  • Have a good journey! We’ll be there on 15th and 16th and look forward to meeting you then!

  • Hi, Andrew. I hope you have a great trip!
    I just finished reading “Love is an Orientation” and I want you to know how much it meant to me. Thank you for being so bold, so honest, and so wise. Reviewed it on my blog today: http://rachelheldevans.com/love-orientation.

  • Nathalie Ais

    you are not alone. you are not alone. much much love.
    i am scared but i try to put God first in all i do.
    i too have a yearning, a love for the lgbtq community. and i have pain unutterable with the tension between lgbtq and the christian church…
    i read most of your book… SPLENDID!
    thank you for letting me know someone out there exists who cares about this tension and divide and about our friends known and unknown in the lgbtq community.


    love and truth
    loves loves loves,