Interview with Nathan Albert

The Marin Foundation’s Director of Pastoral Care, Nathan Albert, will be speaking at the Micah 6:8 Conference being held at Park Community Church from June 4-5. Earlier today, Tim Schraeder  posted the interview on mercy, justice, and the GLBT community that he conducted with Nathan in anticipation for the upcoming conference.

You can check out the interview Here.

Updates from the speaking tour in the UK will be coming soon.

Much love.

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  • Phil

    OK Andrew, I had one of those weird moments where two parts of my world crashed into each other. I followed the link to Tim’s blog, not really paying attention to the name. When it came up, I was “He looks really familiar!” Then I realized I know Tim, his mom and I used to work together in home health. Crazy when one’s world becomes smaller!

  • That’s crazy…although some strange part of me isn’t surprised because it seems like Tim is somehow connected to everyone in this world!