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I’m Not Feeling Very Christian

Adding insult to injury – Brenda and I thought we were pregnant. The most exciting life-changing news! We went to the doctor to confirm it with a blood test and it turns out we’re not. Even more so, I got this terrible news while I was preaching in Long Beach last weekend. Talk about feeling like [Read More…]

Come on Over Southern California

This weekend I will be preaching all 4 services (6pm on Saturday and 8:30am, 10am and 11:30am on Sunday) at Parkcrest Church in Long Beach, CA. Feel free to swing on by, I’d love to see you! Then on Monday May 24th Parkcrest will be hosting a leaders gathering about building bridges, which is open to the public. For info [Read More…]

Recent Silence

Hi everyone. I feel like I should apologize for the recent silence on my blog. I’ve gotten a few emails/etc asking what’s up and why I’m not posting everyday like I usually do. Mostly it’s because of this. The other reason is because I’m in such a fragile state right now emotionally from the aforementioned link, [Read More…]

May 19: My One Sentence Bible

5-19-10: What is evil is not good no matter what history tell us because history is always written by the victors. But where are the victors now? Dead. And yet God is still alive. Zechariah 1:1-6 Oppression = Wandering without a Leader. Zechariah 10:2b As Donald Trump says: When things go South it’s the project [Read More…]

May 18: My One Sentence Bible

5-18-10: Treat everything you have – from the largest to the smallest possessions – as a unique gift from God because what was given and then taken for granted can be removed just as quickly. Haggai 1:5-11 The defiled people that the religious leaders call unclean and unworthy are the one’s God yearns to heap blessings upon. [Read More…]

Upcoming Large Group Event: Living in the Tension at Roscoe’s Bar in Boystown

The Marin Foundation is hosting a special Living in the Tension event at Roscoe’s Bar in Boystown on Tuesday May 18th at 7pm. We will be having PD Williams speak – PD is an intersex individual and will talk about all of the experiences growing up anatomically both male and female, and what that has meant [Read More…]

Article I Wrote for

A clearinghouse for all things religion of every variety, Patheos, recently asked me to write an article for them on a new medium of engagement between the gay community and evangelicals. Here it is. Also, here is the page where you can find the 4 other articles that were written in their GLBT/evangelical series during the month of April. [Read More…]

Today: Live Chat at 3pm CST

Don’t forget today’s Live Chat from 3-5 pm CST today, May 11th. And for all of my West Coast homies, I’ve started a rotating Live Chat schedule in 2010 for later in the evening, like tonight, so you can have an easier time participating – just check the Speaking Schedule above. Here’s how to participate in the [Read More…]

“Fallout” from Q

I posted my full talk here from Q. Although the response on my blog (and many other sites) has been overwhelmingly positive, there have been just as many harsh words written about what I said. I knew this would happen (duh!), but it’s so ironic to me that many of the people writing that crap about [Read More…]

Quick Update on My Life

First off, let me apologize for being an absentee friend (at least, that is what I feel like). So much has happened recently in such a short period of time that it’s one of those for real moments of ‘when it rains it pours.’ I’m back now, but here is a quick summary of what [Read More…]