Upcoming Large Group Event: Living in the Tension at Roscoe’s Bar in Boystown

The Marin Foundation is hosting a special Living in the Tension event at Roscoe’s Bar in Boystown on Tuesday May 18th at 7pm. We will be having PD Williams speak – PD is an intersex individual and will talk about all of the experiences growing up anatomically both male and female, and what that has meant for the combination of one’s faith and sexuality. Here is a little blurb of the event:

You thought homosexuality and the church was a difficult conversation? Well how about those in our churches that are intersex. What pronoun do you use (him? her? it?) What bathroom can an intersex individual use?

Brought to you by The Marin Foundation, PD Williams will be sharing some of PD’s experiences and thoughts about being intersex in the Church. If you think the topic of homosexuality in the Church is an interesting conversation, check out a world many know nothing of.  Q&A session will follow the event. The cost of the event is FREE.

Looking forward to it! This is going to be intense and exciting.

Much love.


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  • Heather

    I wish I could attend this. Darn miles across states! I hope this event goes well.
    Thanks for all the awesome out reach you do Andrew. 🙂