Andrew Interviews Everyday, Non-Christian, High Schooler

In this video I interview Lindsey, your everyday, non-Christian, high school girl about her school’s Gay-Straight Alliance, Christianity and the relationship between the Christian kids and the LGBT kids in her high school.

This is the perfect example of the type of youth that is pervasive in our culture today (or for you youth pastors – the type of youth we’re supposed to be reaching!). She has an interesting take on homosexuality and the Christian faith, and something tells me it’s completely the norm among our country’s youth.

What do you think about what she said?

Much love.

About Andrew Marin

Andrew Marin is President and Founder of The Marin Foundation ( He is the award winning author of two books and a DVD curriculum, and his new book Us Versus Us: The Untold Story of Religion & the LGBT Community, will release June 2016. Since 2010 Andrew has been asked by the United Nations to advise their various agencies on issues of bridging opposing worldviews, civic engagement, and Christian involvement in reconciliation. He is currently based St. Andrews, Scotland where he is researching and teaching at the University of St. Andrews, earning his PhD in Divinity. His research focuses on the theology and praxis of social reconciliation between victims and their perpetrators. Andrew is married to Brenda, and you can find him elsewhere on Twitter (@Andrew_Marin), Facebook (AndrewMarin01), and Instagram (@andrewmarin1).

  • Mrs T

    Nice to know that the Christians at her school didn’t act badly toward gays.[At least that’s what I understood – there was a lot of background noise!]
    Yeah for Iowa State! My son went there & it’s such a nice place.

  • High Hopes

    People should be free to be what they want to be …………….. ‘for who they are’.

    I liked a lot of what she shared and am challenged by the above excerpt from her sharing because (to me) it shows the lack of understanding that exists even among those that are accepting and tolerant.

    We still have our work cut out.