June 16: My One Sentence Bible

What is My One Sentence Bible?


Tony Campolo once said to me: “My whole life I stored up a big savings and 401(k) for retirement. Then the market crashed in 2009 and I lost half of everything I stored up. What a waste. I could have given that money away to help others instead of keeping it for myself to just lose.” Matthew 6:19-21

Each day has plenty of drama to last a thousand days. Let the Lord take care of the future while you focus on faithfully living in the here-and-now. Matthew 6:33-34

The measures you use to judge others, God will use to judge you. That’s a scary thought. Matthew 7:1-2

Much love.


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  • Mrs T

    While investing in the future is OK, I agree with Tony C. There is too much emphasis on these ‘retirement programs.’ The economy is not really controlled by us that much, so we are at the whims of big decision makers. See what they did in 2008 – & we now learned about the law passed in the 90s! Both parties must have conspired to keep that info from the public. We sure didn’t know. Usually one side ‘outs’ the other when there is questionable legislation!
    Anyway, so much good is done by donations to the Lord’s work. If everyone tithed(not required any more, but a good idea), sooo much good could be done & we wouldn’t complain or ask for handouts. There would be plenty of money for the needs of the poor, etc.

    • I couldn’t agree more. It was an astounding lesson I’ve never heard any other ‘famous’ Christian person say. I was humbled, blessed and it changed a whole lot of my perspective on such issues.

  • The Tony Campolo bible version… I would totally buy it 🙂