Part 1: Pride Parade 2010 Pics

Here are some pictures from yesterday. This batch is just our group. I’ll throw some others of the actual parade tomorrow:

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  • Boy is that good to read in print. An apology from the church folk. Thank you for getting it out there.

  • We’re sorry Tina. Thank you for your willingness to continue engaging with us. Much love!

    • Thanks. It’s not always easy. -as you know.

      Thank you. Reconciliation, justice, love…. all in a day’s, make that, LIFE’s work. 😉

  • Anna

    Awesome pictures. Is there a way to get an ‘I’m Sorry’ shirt? Really cool idea.

  • You’ve made an old lady cry with tears of joy! The treatment of the gay community is one of the major reasons I left the church. They are just as precious to God as anyone. Thank you for doing what you do!

  • Awesome idea and movement Marin Foundation …. may others follow suit!

    And, I’d also like to get one of those shirts – are you guys selling them?

    • We’ve gotten a lot of requests. It’s been really cool. So we’re getting some more of them printed asap. I’ll write a post about how to get one! You da man Shawn! Much love.

  • angela

    Ok I sympathise with how you must feel, although I’ve not experienced direct discrimination for my sexual sin from God or people in the church because I believe people are more than their sexuality or their sin else Jesus would not have died. I have sinned sexually and each time I believe I am simply not living in the will of God. I find it difficult to give up this particular pleasure and like to call it naturel and therefore excure it as not really disobedience, more desparation……What I dont get from this parade though is why the focus is the error of something called ‘the church’. Do you mean the church as described in the bible, the church of England? I am part of the church and as far as I know I have never treated anyone less because of their sexual preference. I am not a biblical scholar but I am willing to follow God as far as my conscience allows ( I’m working on the sexual sin bit……….so I know it’s not easy to give up as it means so much to us all ) and I do believe the bible teaches us same sex relations are not of God’s design, but I dont think people who want to have relationships with the same sex necessarily believe the same as me.Relationship with God is a journey and we are all at different stages of discovery.What is very obvious and somewhat disappointing to me is this : If you attack all the people in the church rather than promoting the development of some kind of understanding of the deeper issues how can you not expect the people in the church to feel compelled to marginalise ‘the gay issue’ and less open to discussion?. Dont forget the true Christians are in fact a minority and suffer persecution themselves.By apologising for ‘the church’s harmful practices’ in this way, are you trying to identify their suffering for preaching the gospel and saving people from hell with your freedom of choice for whom you have sex with?That idea makes me quite angry as Christians are giving their lives to spread the good news of Jesus Christ which if we believe the bible will save them from sin. It’s hardly a comparison but if this is so, to my mind its like ‘the gays’ are unwittingly or otherwise exploiting Christians and nullifying the sufferings of Christ as a way to be accepted within the wider community.I sincerely hope you will agree to exploit any kind of suffering is unacceptable to the principle of Godly love. ..unless you have a better understanding of human suffering than I do in which case maybe you could enlighten me .May I remind you that not all people are governed by what ‘the church’ or any other law says, but have their own ideas and a lot of them do not think homosexuality is decent. If by going through the church gays are trying to make homosexuality godly, they are re writing the bible as there are no stories of gay love involving the will of God in them. Not even in the sub text.

    • Mrs T

      There are many Christians who are willing to evangelize most any group in the world, but are turned off by gays to such an extent that they think being gay is an extra bad sin. Funny thing, it isn’t even mentioned in the 10 Commandments, which many feel are the most critical concepts. I didn’t feel that way, but many evangelicals still do.
      TMF doesn’t discuss the degree of sin(or lack of sin)in gay life. They want to open the dialogue which IMO is the (evangelical)church’s need to do because of the bad attitude they have had over the years. There is also lots of plain old ignorance! I hope this answer helps.

    • Angela – When I say church, I’m just talking broadly about the big ‘C’ Church as a whole. Throughout all denominations worldwide at one point or another there have been many sins committed by the Church to the LGBT community (whether or not you have directly committed them yourself to others or not). That is what the apology is for. None of this is an attack on the Church or the people within it – which includes me and my organization. It’s a cognitive, and public recognition of the awareness and admission of our (Church) sins. We’re taking the first step to the LGBT community towards a biblical reconciliation.

      And well said Mrs. T.

  • Angela

    I’d be more interested to know what sins the church have committed??Have they said it is a sin to be gay……… it a sin to say that???? I have gay friends who are married, and they know very well that I do not agree that their union is of God, but rather of their own volition. Yet God is the judge. Are you judging the church??? I just think a different message would be better. I dont like the idea………I’m sorry for your pain would be better, but would not attract as much media attention perhaps. If it’s a strategy for open debate then fair enough, but you had better have a more substantial arguement than ‘oh, we’re all sinners’ if you want to specifically identify the gay community as an unreached group. Are people gonna come up with any ideas as to why people are gay or transgender? is it a social issue (ie based on inequalities in society, perceived or actual), hormonal/physical, psychological or spiritual, etc………we need to be careful not to indulge sinful practice in our own lives. An apology isn’t really enough. The church has a responsibility to preach the gospel……it shold be proactive….leaders should know what they are talking about and tackle issues in the light of God’s word, that means the bible and direct communion with Jesus’s Holy Spirit. Maybe if some of the gays who are truely believers but struggle with their sexuality could put their minds to seek understanding could they help others and impact society ? I think this would be a step forward to improving society. Is God so mean that he will not help? Is His arm shortened so it cannot save??What is love? yes it is kind, but it is not self seeking………..we really dont know what love is. God is love…human relationships are goverened by Him from the same source as the one who put the stars and planets in place……….sexual sin is not something to be trifled with, readers!!Nothing can be acomplished outside the will of God, the devil loves to decieve. How you gonna persuade non believers that God is real???????

    • Angela: GLBT folks have been actively chased away by the church for a long, long time. Check out my blog’s “Culture War” section ( for examples of Christian churches and schools who’ve expelled the children of GLBT parents or who’ve banished teams from their Christian softball leagues b/c they have a lesbian coach. Or church denominations that spend hundreds of millions of dollars fighting the legal marriage rights of GLBT folks (which has nothing to do with church weddings or policy), while their own church buildings are closing for lack of funds. Don’t even get me on the scapegoating that goes on within certain Christian bodies that have covered up and perpetuated decades of child molestation and then turned around and cast shadows of suspicion on innocent, celibate gay church leaders because they are gay.

      This type of action by the collection church has a cumulative effect on the GLBT community. We know that most of you think that we’re sinful. We know that you think our families are jokes and our children are political tools. The GLBT community knows that it doesn’t matter if we sleeping around, selling our bodies, or settling down and married. It’s all equally bad in the Christian church’s eye. Decades of this message has had its effect. Most GLBT people will never know Christ’s love because the church chased us away and locked the door behind us.

      The Marin Foundation’s “I’m Sorry” is a good counter-balance to this guy’s message ( or this guy’s “Got AIDS Yet?” message from our local Pride event ( “I’m sorry for your pain” sounds to much like “I’m sorry you got upset for what I said”. At least “I’m Sorry” leads people to ask “Why are you sorry?” or “What for?” Which message do you think will lead to actual dialogue? “I’m Sorry” or “Got AIDS Yet?” Which message do you think might eventually help lead some lesbian or gay man to Christ?

      • Angela

        Thank you for your comments….when I said I’m sorry for your pain, I meant the pain of living with sinful desires. As Christians we are called to the cross. Not everyone can find or walk the marrow path, but the word says wide is the door leading to destruction. Do we believe the bible??As a health worker and sexually active Christian I find ‘got AIDS yet’ equally intriguing as ‘I’m sorry’. You can have a debate but the truth is that ‘the church’ will never accept homosexuality. Yu want to be loved despite your sin, who doesn’t. But the question is not whether it is a sin, but are you willing to follow Christ. I do agree that some people in the church should share their faith in a more pro active way. Isn’t it something to celebrate……..forgiveness and eternity?

        • Angela

          yeah………I meant to type the narrow path, not marrow!!!! funny how that can give the whole sentence a different meaning entirely!

          • The thing is, Angela, I’m not here to debate you. I’m a Christian. I’m a follower of Christ. I’m a husband and a father of two. That’s not a debate-point. That’s truth. It is what it is.

            I’m sorry, too. I’m sorry that you find this type of message ( intriguing and possibly even effective. And I’m sorry that you don’t find Christ’s image in his GLBT followers and that you don’t seem willing to seek Christian fellowship with your Christian GLBT brethren.

            Beyond that, you’re free to believe what you believe.

  • Angela

    Furthermore, we are called to repentance.