July 19: My One Sentence Bible

What is My One Sentence Bible?


It’s our job to establish Kingdom in our everyday life no matter where we go, who we meet or who is for us or against us. Matthew 13:36-43

It was only recorded in the gospels that Jesus preached in a Synagogue four times. It’s time that we get out of our own synagogues and start living life. Matthew 13:54

Even in the most sorrowed times Jesus work ethic was driven not by success, but by an undying love and compassion for others. Matthew 14:13-14

Even the section headers in the Bible underestimate the works of the Lord. Matthew 14:21, 15:38

Pastors and teachers take note: Jesus made time for Q&A after he spoke. So why do you speak then run to the back room? Matthew 14:22

Much love.


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