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Living in the Tension Tonight

Don’t forget tonight’s (August 31st) Living in the Tension Gathering starting at 7pm at 5255 N. Ashland Ave, Room 120. Tonight we will be talking about Handling Criticism. I’m seriously looking forward to seeing how everyone else does it, because God knows I’m terrible at it. Much love. [Read more…]

I Have to Forgive These People to Move On

I was reading the Bible this morning in the book of Mark doing my One Sentence Bible (I always read ahead of what I post on the blog) and I came across the following: “And if you stand praying, if you hold anything against anyone, forgive them, so that God in Heaven may forgive you your sins.” [Read More…]

August 31: My One Sentence Bible

What is My One Sentence Bible? 8-31-10: Prayer is difficult and tiring. There’s no way around it. Matthew 26:40-45 Those whose work is of peaceful reconciliation will be opposed by mobs circling them with weapons. Matthew 26:47, 55 Fear of the unknown can overtake even the best intentioned people who have your back. Matthew 26:56 [Read More…]

The Marin Foundation is getting a New Website!

Yes! Our current website hasn’t been updated in about 2 years…why we’ve pretty much been using this blog as The Marin Foundation organizational website as well. The reason? Our current TMF website is HTML and none of us know anything about that. So we’re working with McLane Creative to come up with a new, fresh and totally awesome [Read More…]

Video Interview With Me

This is a Skype interview I did with Charles Lee, who gets his hustle on more than anyone I know! He did this interview as a lead-up to an event of his I’m speaking at the end of next month. If you’ve heard me tell my story, just skip to 2:22 in the video where [Read More…]

August 27: My One Sentence Bible

What is My One Sentence Bible? 8-27-10: God makes no distinction between the tangible actions of love to be given to both friends and enemies alike. Matthew 25:35-45 No matter how they got there, it’s always the gatekeepers that want to keep the power and prestige they feel belongs to them. Matthew 26:3-5 Jesus associates [Read More…]

Part 2: The Marin Foundation Featured on the 700 Club

Validation vs. Affirmation: There are some who are very upset about my understanding of validation and affirmation. Here is a more in-depth explanation. I find these critiques strange because many people in both communities love, and I mean love to talk about being ‘inclusive’ or ‘focused on outreach’. What that actually means these days is that inclusive people or [Read More…]

Part 1: The Marin Foundation Featured on the 700 Club

Last week the 700 Club aired a segment about the work of The Marin Foundation. We have gotten quite a response – both positive and negative; and so has the 700 Club (I just got an email from them which said that this video is one of their most watched videos ever – and with [Read More…]

August 25: My One Sentence Bible

What is My One Sentence Bible? 8-25-10: Running away from what you fear the most always ends in death. Matthew 24:9-13 The Lord doesn’t expect a quick return on investment. Why, then, is that how Christians treat ‘evangelism’? Matthew 25:19 Even the mundane tasks occurring throughout all of our existence are an opportunity to prove [Read More…]

Why I Keep Doing This

I just posted the interview on a conservative Christian radio program in which, let’s just say, they didn’t appreciate my approach. Since that interview yesterday I’ve gotten quite a few emails/Facebooks/etc from people asking me why I would keep doing this work and continue to get pounded on by both communities? Here are two quick answers [Read More…]

I Got Smashed Live On Air by Conservative Christians

Yesterday, Monday, I was live on air on Moody Radio’s Morning Ride with Mark Elfstrand. This interview came about as I was alerted by a friend about two weeks ago that the Morning Ride was talking some heavy trash about me, my organization and our I’m Sorry Campaign at the Gay Pride Parade. Not only [Read More…]

Quick Update on Me

Hello! Sorry for the week lay-off on the blog. It happened for a few reasons: 1. Man, my fractured foot really hurt. And since we just moved apartments we didn’t have the internet, so the only place I could get the internet was on my phone or at the office. I don’t trust myself to [Read More…]

August 24: My One Sentence Bible

What is My One Sentence Bible? 8-24-10: Be careful to where your ultimate allegiance lies … to a secure paycheck? Or to what the secular and religious mainstream deem undesirable sacrifices—that which comes with God’s Kingdom? Matthew 23:16-22 Note to the Christian hipsters of the world: Your cool swagger and looks mean nothing. Let your [Read More…]

Part 1: Gay Marriage

Last week I received an email from Christianity Today asking me to give a 60 word comment on my thoughts regarding the “Gospel Response to the Prop 8 Decision.” I did … and so did a number of other evangelical folks. I am starting a Gay Marriage series today based on my quote. Here is [Read More…]