August 25: My One Sentence Bible

What is My One Sentence Bible?


Running away from what you fear the most always ends in death. Matthew 24:9-13

The Lord doesn’t expect a quick return on investment. Why, then, is that how Christians treat ‘evangelism’? Matthew 25:19

Even the mundane tasks occurring throughout all of our existence are an opportunity to prove our faithfulness. When we tangibly prove ourselves with a little, we will be trusted with more. Matthew 25:21-30

Much love.

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    When I read Mat 25:19 “After a long time the lord of those servants cometh, and reckoneth with them” it reminds me of the perspective differences between how we view our current state of affairs as opposed to how the Lord views it. While we have all heard of the phrase, ‘day of reckoning’ as an end-of-eternity event, perhaps it points to when we view our own reckoned-condition. Like the parable about the two sons and one took his inheritance and left for a foreign country, where he ended up realizing the contrast between his current state versus his previous place when he lived within the context of his family, his home. His initial and original motivation on striking out on his own was now seen with new eyes of reality. That son regretted how he treated his family and chose a humble path of reconciliation. Perhaps the word reckoneth = realization of an eternal quality? TMF speaks about having our last breathe to come before Him with humble hearts. I see the moment of contrition as a reckoned-visitation where my inward spirit stops leaning on my current situational self-awareness, but reaches out to Him as family, as home. It may take me ‘a long time’ to establish inside of my heart a place of daily reckoning, but I endeavour to consider this eternal perspective as my way to best use my ‘talents’ in praise of my Lord. In this manner, our act of burying our talents might indicate an adherance to our own motivations to hold tightly to own our current situations and willfully ignor our Lord’s perspective of love, acceptance and forgiveness.

    • pm – You don’t comment too often, but I have to say, when you do you just drop the deepest stuff on all of us here. I am so humbled by your thoughts. In regards to this one, I’ve never heard anything like that before. I’m floored. I am literally looking forward to memorizing this so I can (if it’s ok with you?) disseminate such a profound message (of course I will be giving you the credit for this thought). Much love.