September 3: My One Sentence Bible

What is My One Sentence Bible?


Even with our best intentions proclaimed, we can still turn away from God in the heat of the moment. Matthew 26:69-75

No matter how spontaneous or well thought out a decision is, we all have to take ownership of them and live with the outcome. Matthew 27:1-5

Sometimes there is just no need to answer your critics because no matter what you say it won’t be good enough for them. Matthew 27:12-14

It’s not that hard for those who don’t like you to drum up bandwagon support on their behalf. How easily some people are swayed… Matthew 27:20

Much love.

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  • Seth

    Sometimes God finds a way to redeem the harshest decisions, especially when his purpose is on the line. Matthew 27:5-10

    Leaders can be cowards, preferring what is expedient over what they know is right, and the crowd follows along without realizing it. Matthew 27:15-25

    It is simply amazing to me that your trip through scripture, one sentence at a time, is so timely with all the conflict you have experienced these days. Surely God is at work here!