Andrew Marin LGBT Bullying Public Service Announcement

I’m tired of the excuses of conservative Christians and their organizations that say the publicity of the recent suicides, and trainings for LGBT bullying in general, are to promote the ‘gay agenda.’


They are to dignify human life – whether one agrees doctrinally or not.

Just like Jesus did to the institution he came to subvert.

So many of these conservative entities fight very strongly against abortion. The reason? To protect human life.

What is different about this situation then?

Much love.

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  • Eugene

    “So many of these conservative entities fight very strongly against abortion. The reason? To protect human life.

    What is different about this situation then?”

    Maybe the real reason they fight against abortion isn’t to protect human life. 🙂 And the real reason they fight against marriage equality isn’t to “protect marriage”…

    But, either way, I can only thank you for this video. It surely won’t change the minds of the people you criticize, but it can affect people “in the middle”. What’s especially important is the idea that we’re all in this together. As you said, “Their blood is on my hands”. I don’t know how anti-gay Christians can reconcile this with their anti-gay beliefs (after all, they don’t teach anyone to bully gay kids), but the idea itself is important.

    I’m beginning to like you, Andrew. 🙂

    • When 2 people are as real with each other in public as we have been over the last couple of months, we can’t help but ending up loving and respecting each other 🙂

      Also, the video will not change their minds, but my prayer is that it will give boldness and courage to a number of people out there to stand up in their local communities that they might feel they have a voice they deserve. Doesn’t have to be a huge event, just a few conversations that have never happened before is a great place to start one school, church or street corner at a time. Much love.

  • Mrs T

    Thank you for saying it so clearly. [Then I watched the other viceo. Sure, there are always groups that take advantage of situations, but human life trumps any so-called agenda & we need to speak out now!]
    I have seen very conservative Christians in the past not standing up for what is right because they were afraid another agenda would interfere.
    Ultra-conservative groups, mainly in the South were afraid to speak out against racism in the 50-60s because they thought that Communists or other groups were connected with the civil rights movement. Well, even if a few were infiltrating it, that shouldn’t make us not stand up against racism!! The church finally woke up in that arena, but why can’t they learn & wake up in this one!???

    • I hear you Mrs. T! It is quite confusing most of the time…

  • Allyson

    I would really love for you to come to my school, Andrew. I’m sick of hearing the words “queer” and “gay” as derogatory terms. When I say things to defend the (very small) gay community at my school, I’m made fun of as well. It doesn’t really bother me that I’m being made fun of, but I see the effects on what all these names are doing to my close friends. They’re slowly being torn down, and I’m just not sure how much more they’ll be able to take.

  • Mrs T

    Eugene, you are gonna LOVE Andrew once you get to know him!! You can see his heart when he speaks. He loves the LGBT community, no matter how he is accused.
    I am very pro-life & I mean it for the end of life, too. When my 90-something aunt was in her 80s, she surprised me to say that she thought abortion was OK(paraphrase). But, as she is losing her capacity to reason & make decisions, I will try to protect her life as much as is reasonably possible. I will not say DNR; that is only for the person themselves to decide. I have told others that I am pro-life in her case.

    Yes, pro-life is for more than the unborn, tho they are the most helpless.

  • Well said Andrew. Thanks so much for your message.

    Human dignity matters. That FotF can spread lies and half-truths in the name of “family values” just sickens me. I’m glad to see more people standing up against that abuse.

  • Glad to hear it, Andrew.

    That’s what needs to be said.


  • Denise

    Andrew – Thanks for your statement here and your efforts to help young Christians learn that lgbt bullying (truly a form of abuse) is never to be inflicted nor tolerated. It is wrong in God’s eyes, just as you’ve said.

    The challenge for Christian individuals and the church, as a whole, is twofold in my mind:
    1) urge straight folks to personally resist and reject such abuse as being wrong in God’s eyes.
    2) intentionally create/support christian communities (either within families, churches, schools or parachurch organizations) such that glbt youth, who may yet encounter such abuse or other stressful hardships and who feel on the “brink”, will know and understand that there is, within reach* safe, sound, sane and especially spiritual support. (*ideally local)

    There will be those organizations who will try to obstruct such efforts. I would recommend rather than calling them out, we encourage their financial supporters to withdraw financial support (at least temporarily) and instead give prayer support. (Extreme situations call for extreme measures….)
    But please, for sure, keep talking to those who have ears to hear.
    Finally we all need to be informed as to how to help someone who is suicidal.

  • Celisse

    I want to thank you so much. As someone who works at a Christian college and has such a heart for the gay community, these suicides have been a great way of getting students to talk about how they can love people (even those who are gay students living in the residence halls here) because God told us to love people. In your book, you mention a powerful quote by Billy Graham talking about how we are called to love no matter who they are. That quote has changed my life and how I view people. I am trying my best to get the administration here to bring you to campus to (hopefully) kick-start a revolution on campus and give us the tools to start building bridges. Thank you so much for all that you have done for the gay and christian communities.

  • Nathalie A


    this is why i love you. seriously. you ARE a person of God, who will face fears and does what it takes to do what is right even when its not always popular in the christian world. way to stand in the crowd!

    love, love, love

    you compelled me with your call to action to show your PSA to my younger sisters who are 11 and 13, as well as show them the Think Before you Speak PSA by GLAAD which you should check out if you haven’t done so already.

    they shy away from lgbt things as many kids are raised to be. i try my best to educate and end the ignorance and fear.

    i want to make a difference in my community. thanks for being the example!

    i pray that God will show me how and give me the courage to not be afraid.


  • Nathalie A

    Here is the link:
    Hillary Duff and Wanda Sykes are in the Ads
    That’s So Gay Think Before you Speak- GLAAD

    if you don’t mind posting it on your website:

  • Celeste

    I am a substitute teacher, any suggestions on how to work on stopping the bullying? it drives me pretty nuts to see it!

  • This is a great challenge, and I’ve tried to take it to heart. I usually blog about important stuff like video games and comic books, but I wrote up my thoughts on being anti-bullying. Here’s a snippet:

    I wish I could say that I’ve always acted compassionately, but that’s not the case. I laughed at cruel jokes and told some of my own. I have called people, behaviors, inanimate objects, or even abstract concepts “gay” as a derogatory term. I made fun of other kids. Other times I was just silently complicit. I didn’t think it was a big deal.

    Read the news. Kids are killing themselves because of the hateful environment we’ve created. Nobody worth impressing thinks homophobia is cool…

    Let’s not hide behind religion, either. I am an Evangelical Christian, and I’m anti-bullying. I don’t care if your pastor told you it was a sin. Jesus spent his entire ministry reaching out to those marginalized by society…

  • I hear comments at my Christian university from peers of “that’s gay” often enough, I aim to stop it where I can, because even tho my professors can hear what’s being said they haven’t done anything about it 🙁

    I used to say that, but God’s been working on my heart in regards to loving those who aren’t like me and in particular the LGBT community.

    The bullying has got to stop and I will do my part to make it stop.

    • Nathalie A

      go NathanaelV! i totally can relate and i want to send my support to you in our efforts to speak up! next time, i;m going to take the leap of faith!

      thanks bro!


  • Ladd McClurg

    Andrew, I did NOT like you for many years. In fact, my opinion of you was actually worse than that; I thought you were all talk and no show or perhaps too much show (meaning showmanship). However, I must cut you some slack and extend in my heart forgiveness to you and to myself for hating you. I have felt for a long time that you were just pretentiously “making a living” off an ACT that involved the gay community. Well, that may be true, but you are also apparently living your words without pretense or fiction. We are all blessed with different gifts of the spirit and a gift that God gave me is the spirit of discernment regarding people (I don’t presume that gift, others have mentioned to me how apparent it is to them). It is a troubling gift at times as I can smell BS the moment I am in the presence of an individual. I can honestly say I don’t think you are BS-ing me or anyone else when you speak on this video, it moved me to tears and I thank you for your sincerity. There is still something in your affect that gives me pause, but hell, I can say the same about myself when I look in the mirror or observe my shadow.