Nov 24: My One Sentence Bible

What is My One Sentence Bible?


Sincere prayers for others can only start with turning the mirror on yourself. Mark 11:25

The gatekeepers will always be the first ones to meet you in the doorway to doubt you. Mark 11:27-28

There are times when you need to stick it to the man. They’ll back down every time, even though they’ll still have it out for you. Mark 11:29-33

Much love.

About Andrew Marin

Andrew Marin is President and Founder of The Marin Foundation ( He is the award winning author of two books and a DVD curriculum, and his new book Us Versus Us: The Untold Story of Religion & the LGBT Community, will release June 2016. Since 2010 Andrew has been asked by the United Nations to advise their various agencies on issues of bridging opposing worldviews, civic engagement, and Christian involvement in reconciliation. He is currently based St. Andrews, Scotland where he is researching and teaching at the University of St. Andrews, earning his PhD in Divinity. His research focuses on the theology and praxis of social reconciliation between victims and their perpetrators. Andrew is married to Brenda, and you can find him elsewhere on Twitter (@Andrew_Marin), Facebook (AndrewMarin01), and Instagram (@andrewmarin1).