The Marin Foundation 2010 Donations and Expenses

As I have done each year since creating this blog, I am going to post the donation and expense records (rounded) for The Marin Foundation for the current year. Seeing that there are still three days left in 2010, there is still time for further donations or expenses, so below is what we have up to this morning:

The Marin Foundation Total 2010 Donations received: $160,500

That $160,500 received is broken down by gifts from the following categories:

Cash Donations: $117,000

Teaching, Training, Speaking and Lecturing Honorariums: $45,000 (as always, 100% of the honorariums go directly to The Marin Foundation to support our work)

Church Donations: $31,000 (from a total of 5 churches)

Individual Donations: $30,000 (from a total of 130 individuals – we had 6 individual ‘major’ donors of $1,000 or more totaling $7,400; and we had 11 monthly donors give a total of $528 per month)

Book Sales: $10,000 (as always, 100% of my book sales go directly to The Marin Foundation)

‘I’m Sorry’ T-Shirts: $1,000

In-Kind Donations: $43,500

Office Space: $30,000 (our office space is fully donated to us by First Evangelical Free Church and Community Center)

Website/Blog: $12,000 (the blog maintenance and forthcoming new website are donated to us by McLane Creative)

Admin: $1,500

The Marin Foundation 2010 Expenses: $115,000

$60,000 Combined salary between myself and Kevin Harris (Director of Community Relations)

$37,500 Trainings, Educational Classes and Living in the Tension Gatherings for LGBT and conservative churches, universities, NGOs, gov agencies

$10,000 Scientific Research

$4,500   Buy my book in bulk to sell for profit, as well as office supplies

$3,000   International Trainings

Full Donation History for The Marin Foundation:

2005: $11,000 (all cash)

2006: $25,000 (all cash)

2007: $52,000 (all cash)

2008: $57,000 (all cash)

2009: $83,000 ($4,000 in-kind)

2010: $160,500 ($43,500 in-kind)

Full Expense History for The Marin Foundation:

2005: $12,500

2006: $21,500

2007: $49,900

2008: $47,300

2009: $52,000

2010: $115,000

I’ve got nothing to hide. Not me personally. Not my organization. That is why I make an intentional commitment to post all of The Marin Foundation’s financials! And if you want a copy of our actual IRS documents to prove these numbers correct, please visit the IRS and they will send you as many official copies as you like.

As you can see, we have been given us way more influence than our budget should ever allow us to have!

I ask that you please consider donating to The Marin Foundation (click here) so our important bridge building movement (and this blog) will continue to permeate our cultures across the world to the point that we see what an actual reconciliation looks like, today. There are anywhere between 500-900 unique visitors to this blog per day, and if only half of you sign up to give $30/month (which is only $1 per day) on the link above, in 2011 The Marin Foundation will have the ability to sustainably continue, and further build upon, our unique work.

If you follow our work you know we have been given influence in the realms of individual’s lives all over the world; and in universities, seminaries, media and government agencies 10-15x’s greater than our budget should ever allow. Your gift will humbly allow us to keep up with the pace and influence that has been afforded to us.

If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to ask and I will answer them all.

Much love.

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