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My publisher just put a huge discount on Amazon for my book on Kindle, lasting the whole week after Christmas! So for you new (and veteran) Kindle owners after Christmas, my book is now only $2.99!!! You can buy it here. Read the Introduction to my award winning book for free here. Thank you to everyone [Read More…]

Forget the Haters, Remember the Lovers

Word to that. Much love. [Read more…]

Don’t Let Anyone Stifle Your Original Thoughts and Ideas

Lesson for December 15, 2011: Don’t let anyone stifle your original thoughts and ideas… especially not academics, pompous people or gatekeepers. Much love. [Read more…]

[Video] Please Consider Donating to The Marin Foundation for my 31st Birthday

For my 31st birthday today, Dec 16, I humbly ask you consider donating $31 to the work of The Marin Foundation as a one time gift; or $31 per month, totaling $372 in one year. This video details what a $372 donation will go towards! Here is a link to find out more information of [Read More…]

Lesson Learned: December 14, 2011

My 31st birthday is coming up on December 16th, and I had an idea. You can watch my idea above. We’ll see how long it lasts… I’m really shooting for an entire year. What do you think about the lesson of being the one to stick your neck on the line for someone else because [Read More…]

Tuesday, Dec. 13th Living in the Tension

For the next Living in the Tension community gathering on Tuesday, December 13th, we will be watching Trembling before G-d. The documentary features intimately told personal stories of Hasidic and Orthodox Jews who are gay and lesbian and gives a window into their lives as they they seek to navigate their religious tradition. Regardless of where [Read More…]

Huge Opportunity to Learn on Saturday Dec 17th

Great friend and consultant for The Marin Foundation, Adam McLane, will be in Chicago on Saturday December 17th hosting two of his widely popular workshops on Growing Your Business (and non-proft, church and ministry) through Mail Chimp, Blogging, YouTube, Social Media, etc. Adam is a flat out expert. The Marin Foundation will be there in [Read More…]

It’s Here! Love Is an Orientation DVD Curriculum! [Video]

So when the mail got dropped off at The Marin Foundation’s office today there were 3 huge boxes. The sender was Zondervan. I thought… Here it is! The DVD Curriculums are here! So give me some grace and view the excitement with me of opening the very first copies of our new Love Is an [Read More…]

Our Core Identity

The following post is from Shawn Harrison. Shawn is a youth pastor and he regularly blogs at “Shawn are you ex-gay?”  “Nope.” “Then are you gay?”  “Nope.” “Wait, what?  Then what are you?” I hate this conversation. Throughout my life, I have struggled to embrace my true, core identity.  I’ve been all over the [Read More…]

World AIDS Day

While the global community is undertaking initiatives in the areas of scientific development, healthcare and universal access and community organizing in the name of HIV prevention, we must do our own part to be the change that we wish to see in our own lives and around the world. “World AIDS Day is held on [Read More…]

Life Abundant

The following post in the ongoing series on identity in relation to faith and sexuality is from Will. “I have come that they may have life, and have it abundantly” -John 10:10 As a young man, I knew I loved other men. This knowing wasn’t sexual, or even physical, but rather something profoundly onotological.  Deeply [Read More…]

Living in the Tension – Tuesday, November 29

Instead of gathering at our usual meeting place this week for our Living in the Tension community gathering, we will be gathering in the “SAGE Room” on the 2nd floor at the Center on Halsted (3656 N. Halsted St.) at 7pm on Tuesday, November 29th. Br. Michael Oboza, a good friend who regularly attends our [Read More…]

Being Fully Present

The next post in this series on identity in relation to faith and sexuality is from Kevin Harris. Kevin is the Director of Community Relations and the Administrative Assistant at The Marin Foundation. What? Why do you identify as gay? Aren’t you a Christian? Bring up the topic of homosexuality and identity (or gender identity [Read More…]

On Why I Hate/Love Homecomings

The next post in this series is from Matt Richards. Matt is a Church Planting Intern at Urban Village Church, a Social Worker at the University of Chicago and he received his M. Div from the University of Chicago Divinity School. Recently, I went and saw a play that one of my friends wrote called, “The [Read More…]