OneWheaton’s Upcoming Event

OneWheaton’s Upcoming Event September 30, 2011

Here is a note from OneWheaton’s executive team:

“Since OneWheaton’s launch this past spring, it’s been our privilege to receive an incredible amount of support and positive feedback from many alumni, students and friends. We’ve been moved to know of numerous public and private conversations that have unfolded in the past four months. With Wheaton recently receiving the designation as the #1 LGBT unfriendly school in America, we have been exploring more opportunities to build bridges and open dialogue for LGBT students on campus.

After much thought we are very excited to extend a personal invitation to Wheaton College alumni to join us for OneWheaton’s First Homecoming to be held October 7-8, 2011. On Friday, October 7 we will be hosting a Wide Open Welcome event. Tentative plans are for a

FREE Jennifer Knapp concert at a local Wheaton church with a post concert talkback featuring a panel of LGBTQ Wheaton College alumni.

The prospect of hosting Jennifer Knapp thrills us! She is a Grammy nominated, Dove-Award-winning folk-rock musician who has recently come out publicly and has shown support for OneWheaton’s efforts. After the concert, a “talkback” where Jennifer and LGBTQ alumni share stories and answer questions from current students will lend our faces and journeys to OneWheaton. Our hope is that it will encourage dialogue and support for current LGBTQ students and their friends.

This event will be free to everyone.

But for that to happen, we need help.

Up to now all of OneWheaton’s costs have been sponsored by a small group of us. For those in a position to help us financially, we encourage to visit our website,, and click on the yellow PayPal “Donate” button on the top of our page. Thank you so much!”

Much love.

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  • Mrs T

    How can it be the #1 LGBT unfriendly school? Have they visited Bob Jones or any other extremely conservative school? Do they think Muslim schools are friendlier than Wheaton?

    Wheaton may need some help, but please be honest & don’t exaggerate.

  • Mrs T

    OK, I read the article. It is the #1 among 367 schools. Then say so!
    I wish all the schools were listed, so we can see what to compare it with.

    Meanwhile, thanx for building those bridges!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Karen

    I would be interested to know more details about exactly what makes Wheaton the nation’s worst school for lesbians and gays. What is it that they do that is so horrifying? All conservative christian schools are bad places for lesbians and gays, as are all conservative settings in general.
    In the corporate world, the powers that be are unwelcoming and homophobic as hell, but they are controlled by law, and can’t be too overt in their hatred of gays. But christian private schools can be as sexist, as homophobic as they want to with no legal recourse, scary hugh… you have NO legal protections in these places!!

    Let’s hear it from the gays and lesbians who had the misfortune to attend this school just how bad it is, and maybe this was simply a wake up call to that school that hey, you’ve been exposed, you will be put on the map, and you will suffer by having to answer to your school campus safety for gays and lesbians.

    It is sad that gay and lesbian kids from these horrifying churches, might not be aware of their sexuality at say age 18. So they are already indoctrinated into the fundamentalist christian cult from an early age. They then decide to go to these schools, because they feel they are christians. They then discover they are gay or lesbian, but by then it’s too late, they are in the lion’s den and might be trapped in these gay hating places and bible bashed daily.

    That’s the hard thing the complex thing about coming out to yourself. I most certainly didn’t know I was lesbian at age 16 or 17. I was lucky in knowing that I wasn’t going to have anything to do with guys romantically…I was serious, wanted a career, wasn’t interested in anything hetero and family like at all. So when I did come out at age 18, lucky for me, I was at a big 10 school in a very liberal progressive town, with a strong lesbian community already in place. In fact, it was more lesbian affirming in 1977 than most schools are today. Go figure. Imagine the horror if I discovered who I was at Wheaton in 2011? there but for the grace of god… 🙂

    We find within gay and lesbian christian worlds that the very strongest gay and lesbian christian leaders often come out of these horrifying conservative churches… and out of the horror, they find a true christ, a true spiritual path that fully honors their love of men or women…. but most of these people are the most damanged, and I think god would definitely cut them a free pass to be atheists and christian avoiding as compensation for the torture, horror and homophobia churches have inflicted on their gay and lesbian christian children. It is child abuse, and atheism is a good way to deal with it sometimes.

  • Reggie

    Jennifer Knapp is a lesbian who believes that her lifestyle is A-OK with Jesus. Do you agree with her?