The Marin Foundation Featured on BBC World News

The Marin Foundation Featured on BBC World News September 28, 2011

A few days ago the BBC World News featured the work of The Marin Foundation in written and audio form! Above is a screenshot I took of the BBC’s home page on their website… And that’s us as the feature story! It’s been crazy since it went live. We have gotten tons of folks reaching out from all over the world. This impact of our story is being felt! It’s such a humbling thing to have happen, and it’s definitely surreal to know that our bridge building message is getting spread across the globe through the most internationally trusted media company in existence. Just unreal.

You can read the full article here

You can listen to the 30 minutes segment the BBC ran on us here (and you have about 30 days to download it to keep it if you want)

Yesterday I got an email from the BBC and they gave me the following, crazy, update about our stories since they went live:

—Our radio segment (which has also been featured throughout America on NPR) is the most listened to segment of any from the BBC World Service

—Our radio segment is the most downloaded segment of any from the BBC World Service

—Our article is the 2nd most shared article of any story on any of the BBC websites

—Our article is the 3rd most read article on any of the BBC websites

I have to thank Christopher Landau so very much. He was the producer of the segment, as well as the writer of the article. Christopher was the one who fought for this story to be done! Even after some higher-ups said no to his initial proposal, he kept at it over almost 1 full year (!!!!) before they finally said yes. And now look what is happening! Brenda and I first met Christopher while I was speaking in London earlier this year. He had read my book when it first released in 2009 and as he said, “kept it in the back of my head to do a story on it for just this time.”

I’m not the most trusting person when it comes to media folks… They never seem to quite tell the truth in how they are going to present or edit something. But Christopher did exactly what he said he was going to do. A stand up man. A balanced journalist. And now a person ever so dear to not only my heart, but the millions his work has reached around the world.

Just absolutely amazing what the Lord is doing with this.

No matter the outcome, faithfulness always wins out.

Much love.

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  • I listened to the program over the weekend, Andrew, and really enjoyed it. It had a nice mix of people who were interviewed. Personally, I find the ongoing discussion to be frustrating. I’m long past the debate. But I guess people still need to debate within the church whether or not there’s a place for LBGT folks in the church and how involved we can ever hope to become. That said, it’s evident that people want and need the discussion, as evidenced by the number of people listening and downloading it.

  • andrew, SO excited to see what doors are being opened for you and the marin foundation. continuing to pray for you and your important work of building bridges and helping others learn to love like jesus! thank you for assisting us in our journey as well.

  • Adam Rush

    I think that this is great we should love everyone not spew vile and hate. But I hope that with this you don’t compromise Biblical standards. The lifestyle is still wrong according to God’s word but it is no more wrong than someone who tells a lie. Please don’t apologize for what you believe but how others have been treated.

  • Jason Keene

    Adam Rush: we’ll said! Just as in dealing with any sin you can show love and forgiveness, without compromising Gods word. God does not rate sin. A lie, homosexual act, pre-marital sex, adultry and murder all rate the same.

  • Keep the love movement going, Andrew… your posture and ability to live in the cultural tension of all of this is so refreshing!