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Interviews: Being Visible in the Church

Br. Michael Oboza is a monk in the Orthodox Catholic Eastern Rite. Along with being an activist that stands up to religious bigotry, he founded Bisexual Queer Alliance Chicago to help continue bisexual history and equal visibility. To learn more about the bisexual visibility and biphobia that Br. Michael speaks of, you can visit the [Read More…]

Interviews: Celibacy & Singleness in the Church

For the next interview, Richard has been gracious enough to share a part of his journey as it relates to navigating his faith and sexuality as a gay man that is pursuing celibacy and how that intersects with his life in the Church. For a description of these interviews and for Part 1, you can [Read More…]

Interviews: A Daughter’s Story

Ashley recently came out as a gay Christian and found it equally hard to tell her gay friends that she is a Christian, and her Christian friends that she is gay.  You can read more about her journey of faith and sexuality here. For a description of these interviews and for Part 1: A Mother’s [Read More…]

Interviews: A Mother’s Story

For the next two weeks I, Kevin Harris Director of Community Relations at The Marin Foundation, will be posting interviews with individuals that have been gracious enough to share part of their journey for those of you that read this blog. In interviewing individuals that are coming from very different places regarding their beliefs, experiences, [Read More…]

Sunday Reminder

From here on out, as much as I can get to a computer on a Sunday if I’m not speaking, I will start posting the up to date financial donation records (just cash donations, not including in-kind donations) of The Marin Foundation so you all can keep real-time track of where we’re at. Here is [Read More…]

Jan 22: My One Sentence Bible

What is My One Sentence Bible? 1-22-11: When you are wronged, take the route that is the most unsatisfying; yet the most pleasing to the Lord. Luke 6:29-31 Watch your life and see if anything sets you apart from the mainstream secular or religious communities. Only when it does will you know God. Luke 6:32-36 [Read More…]

Religious Exemptions, Public Policy & LGBT

There has been a big court case going on in England regarding a gay couple who sued the owners of Cornish Bed & Breakfast because the gay couple was denied occupancy based on the owners of Cornish B&B’s Christian faith. You can read the story here. The ruling just came down this week that it [Read More…]

Jan 20: My One Sentence Bible

What is My One Sentence Bible? 1-20-11: Being a good steward of your ‘plenty’ is more than a life or death situation. Luke 6:24-26 A required blessing is that there are some people who don’t speak well of you because of your countercultural journey truly following Jesus. Luke 6:26 Loving your enemies isn’t an act, [Read More…]

Emails, Emails, Emails!

As of this second I have 1,622 emails waiting for me. I’m not talking about spam, I’m talking about real people wanting real responses. It’s not that I don’t respond to emails, it’s just that I get so many everyday from people all over the world that unless I spend all day every work-day responding to email, [Read More…]

Tues Jan 18 Living in the Tension

After a break for the holidays, we’re starting up our gatherings again! Our next Living in the Tension will be Tuesday January 18th at 7pm; 5255 N. Ashland Ave Room 120. We will be discussing sexual identity, identity formation and labels. Hope to see you there! Much love. [Read more…]

MLK Day: Video of Me Speaking on Capitol Hill

Two years ago today (Martin Luther King Jr. Day) I spoke on Capitol Hill the night before the Inauguration of President Barack Obama. The event was an official Inauguration event, a series of government sponsored events that led up to the actual Inauguration ceremony of our country’s 44th President. This event consisted of two representatives from each of [Read More…]

Jan 17: My One Sentence Bible

What is My One Sentence Bible? 1-17-11: Throughout time, God continues to move in new ways to impact new generations of people in ways that the older generation might not understand. Luke 5:36-39 The Sabbath is made for rest. But let the day not interfere with doing miraculous things for the Lord. Luke 6:1-10 “Blessed [Read More…]

My Book Is Now Available on Your Phone and iPad

I just received an email from my publisher alerting me to the fact that Love is an Orientation is now available in the Google eBookstore! That means that you can now electronically buy my book for your: Android phone iPhone, iPad and iTouch On the web on your computer Nook and Sony’s e-readers Sweet! Here is [Read More…]

Jan 14: My One Sentence Bible

What is My One Sentence Bible? 11-14-11: The primary work of religious gatekeepers is to minimize the countercultural works that a Jesus-shaped faith produces. Luke 5:21-25 Sometimes I believe that even the Pharisees asked genuine questions they wanted to understand—at least to the best of how they knew how. Luke 5:29-31 There is a time [Read More…]