Jan 22: My One Sentence Bible

What is My One Sentence Bible?


When you are wronged, take the route that is the most unsatisfying; yet the most pleasing to the Lord. Luke 6:29-31

Watch your life and see if anything sets you apart from the mainstream secular or religious communities. Only when it does will you know God. Luke 6:32-36

As Justin Timberlake says, What goes around, goes around, goes around, always comes back around… Luke 6:37-38

Much love.


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    Luke 6:32 NLT
    “Do you think you deserve credit merely for
    loving those who love you? Even the sinners
    do that!”

    Real compassion is to act without such concerns
    when ministering to those who are our enemies.

    Any step to demonstrate how our giving, lending
    and loving is credible can not be based on any
    form of reciprocation, not based on expectations,
    and especially not based on getting any much
    deserved credit with thankful recognition.

    Otherwise, our enemies will cast out against us
    their accusations of a ‘hidden’ agenda. We need
    to empty our expectations, our need to feel good
    and appreciated from them. There should be no
    hope for any sort of civil acknowledgement when
    dealing with our enemies.

    I don’t believe we can do such a thing within our
    own strength. It takes prayer, fellowship, preparation
    and strong faith to affix our deepest concerns and
    inward-hope on the Most High who’s in heaven and
    let compassion take its own course in the matter.

    Luke 6:32-36 NLT
    “Do you think you deserve credit merely for
    loving those who love you? Even the sinners
    do that! [33] And if you do good only to those
    who do good to you, is that so wonderful?
    Even sinners do that much! [34] And if
    you lend money only to those who can
    repay you, what good is that? Even sinners
    will lend to their own kind for a full return.
    [35] Love your enemies! Do good to them!
    Lend to them! And don’t be concerned that
    they might not repay. Then your reward
    from heaven will be very great, and you
    will truly be acting as children of the
    Most High, for he is kind to the unthankful
    and to those who are wicked. [36] You must
    be compassionate, just as your Father is

    These instructions are counter-intuitive. In fact,
    it’s instantly off the chart bordering on insanity.
    Crazy or not, that’s the pattern provided to those
    who claim Christ as their source for eternal mercy,
    love and compassion.